Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back With Knitting

I've been AWL again. This past week, I thought work was going to kill me! I came home every night and was asleep by 6 p.m.! Ridiculous. When I woke up Saturday morning, I realized that the dry throat that had been bothering me was really a sore throat. Yes, I'm a little slow. I was sick all week!

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Repentance. Sadly, I had to cancel my dinner for that evening; I've been putting a Break Fast for those who actually fast, for more than a decade now. I hated to cancel, but a) it was clear that I didn't have the energy to put on any sort of event; and b) it wouldn't be very nice to spread the germs.

Instead, I spent the day napping and knitting -- not so bad as a consolation prize.

The first piece of the Babies and Bears Sweater is coming along nicely. The yarn is Encore Colorspun worsted, color 7749. My friend Marsha, who has knit countless sweaters, recommends Encore for babies and kids because, she says, it is soft, durable, and washable!

 I'm not knitting for any baby in particular, so I chose the most unisex color I could. I think this white with bluish/green streaks would be OK for a boy or a girl. I do have two pregnant people in my world, so it will definitely have a home when I finish it!

I think I'll make a cup of decaf and catch up with all of you. That's something I can do in bed!


  1. So sorry you are under the weather as am I. Ive spent too much time in the lazy boy and in bed. My knitting has been suffering, but I have time to fix it all.
    GET better. Sorry you missed having your annual Break Fast. Honey and apples for you

  2. I sure hope you are feeling better before you have to start the week, and I hope your holiday was wonderful.

  3. I love those colors on that sweater and think either a girl or boy would be very happy in it. I'm sorry to hear about your sick, I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Seein your photo makes me want to make another one of these sweaters! Your colors are great. Sure hope you had a restful weekend and are feeling lots better!

  5. Perfect unisex colour :) hope you're in the mend now.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the yarn and colors you chose for such a cute little jacket.

  7. Oh no, hope you feel better soon! Hopefully you can go back to the Break Fast tradition next year. The cardigan is looking good do far -- definitely good colors for either a boy or a girl.

  8. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon! I hate when colds sneak up like that. And thank you for stopping by my Etsy shop, I appreciate it! :)