Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vogue Knitting Live Chicago: Part 1

Last week I received an email from the Madison Knitters Guild saying that there were a few more seats left on the bus going to Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live. What the heck, I figured, it would be fun just to go and see what it's like. So at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, I climbed onto a bus with 50 other knitters and headed south.

First, the event is held in the elegant Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago. Everywhere I went in the hotel, there were people knitting! Is this was heaven is like? The fashion shows were fun, although the models were so young and so slim that they would look gorgeous in anything!

The marketplace was much smaller than the one at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, but the quality was excellent. And the sellers were all really sweet:
Like Lynn at Mia Bella, which is located in Highland Park, a northern suburb of Chicago. She isn't the owner, but she is the namesake of the very cool sock pattern she's holding.  This booth offered amazing patterns that matched their own dyed yarn. (I may have bought something, but that's a story for another post...) A lot of the sellers used that idea of selling yarn with their original patterns. If I am any measure, you'd have to say that this is a smart marketing tactic.

Angela Combest Anderson, the force behind Fleur de Fiber, is another indie dyer in the Windy City. She doesn't have her own store, but you can find her vivid yarn in Windy Knitty (note to self: I need to get back to Chicago to check out this store) and Steven Be in Minneapolis. You can see in the photo that she loves saturated colors:
"I love the interaction of fibers and colors," she said. Currently she is starting with wool that is brown or gray. These yield rich and unique colors when she applies her palette of rich colors. (I may have bought something, but that's a story for another post...)
And I was thrilled to meet Laura Nelkin. Do you know her? I see her knitted jewelry, which combines beads and yarn, at stores and in catalogs, and I've admired it for a long time. It turns out that she designs way more than jewelry; just look at the amazing mitts on the cover of her new book, Knockout Knits:
Can you see the gorgeous rows of beads? (I may have bought this book, but that's a story for another post...)

Laura hails from the Ithica, New York, area. When I found that out, I immediately asked if she ate at the famous Moosewood Restaurant there. "No," she said, "I can make that food at home. It is where visitors always want to go."

Well, this seems like enough for one post. Exactly what did I buy? Tune in again to find out!


  1. Well, I can't wait for that next post! Lucky you. Sounds like a great time.

  2. Good idea to grab that seat on that bus! Looks like a great time. I'd be tempted to buy one of each of Angela's colours - they all look so gorgeous. Now I have to check out Laura Nelkin's book ... it looks pretty awesome too!

  3. What a great trip, I would have been on that bus in a second if I could. So glad you got to go and have such a great experience.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait for the rest of the story in that next post. :-)

  5. ohhh love your wrap up. Cant wait too see your yarn finds

  6. I'm glad you went. Riding a bus with 50 knitters is a great bit in itself. can't wait to see your loot!

  7. Vogue Knitting is one event I've never been to....sounds like it was a rather dangerous venture for the pocket book!!!!!! Looking forward to the next installment....the reveal!

  8. how lucky were you??? I would have loved to be there! So much fun!!

  9. It was so nice to meet you. I can't wait to see your Lynn socks! - Lynn

  10. This looks amazing! I can't believe I missed it this year. : (
    BTW, Windy Knitty is my favorite yarn store in Chicago -- really cute, and it's in Andersonville, a vibrant neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants. If you come back and visit Windy Knitty, let me know! I can meet you there and we can grab a cup of coffee. : ) Now I want to check out that yarn shop in Highland Park.

    1. Definitely check out Lynn and Mia Bella. Such a comfy and inviting place to sit and knit..(and drool over all the lovely yarns!)