Sunday, April 6, 2014

Signs of Spring

On my walk today, I spied the first crocuses of the year:

Finally all the snow has melted and spring has come to southern Wisconsin. I've been longing for spring, as you can see from my latest beading project:

It is freeform fringe over a basic peyote-stitch band. I love making these. There is something very zen about the process.

This nice weather inspires me to clean, which my house definitely needs! Not to mention my car.  I broke my leg last April, so there was no spring or summer cleaning. I have my work cut out for me now.


  1. Oh crocuses, how lovely! That is DEFINITELY a sign of spring. I've been poring over my garden desperately looking for the slightest hint of green, but nothing yet!

    That bracelet is awesome. Can't even imagine the work that must be involved in that!

  2. Live in Alaska -- we still have quite a lot of snow outside, jealous of the flowers! LOVE your bracelet!

  3. Are you selling those bracelets? I ld love one in brown and aqua. seriously. Lets make a deal???? Happy warm days…same here in Chicago and enjoying it so