Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monogamy Has It's Benefits

The downside of monogamous knitting is that it doesn't supply you with much variety for knitting. All I have is ANOTHER photo of my "28's Cousin, 53" shawlette. At least this photo captures the lush color of the yarn

The upside of monogamous knitting is that you finish a project in a reasonable amount of time. The 1x1 ribbing at the bottom (top in the photo) will be finished soon. I'm on row 7 out of 10! I want to point out that each row has more than 500 stitches!

My stitching activities have been more focused on embroidery. As miserable, cold and rainy weather persists here, I find myself fantasizing about spring:

These are about the only flowers blooming now!

I don't generally dread Sunday evenings, but I have a ton of meetings and paperwork scheduled for next week, so I'm feeling a bit of trepidation about the coming week. Still, it was a nice weekend. Dinner with my parents on Friday; vewing an exhibit on surreal art at a local museum; and going out drawing this afternoon. Now I'm off to get some cooking done for the week.


  1. Such pretty yarn! I know what it's like to do 1x1 ribbing over 500 stitches. It takes fortitude!

  2. So cheery! That is some serious dedication to those long rows.

  3. what do you cook for a whole week? I worry about making ONE meal .
    I love your sweet orange knitting

  4. At least it's not a 500 stitch blanket :) Love the yarn it's so bright

  5. Gorgeous yarn for the shawl. The week will be what it is; don't ruining Sunday by anticipating the worst :)