Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP: Autumn Trellis

I know that the last thing I should do is start a sock (way too many WIPs, but more on that later). But I just couldn't wait because this is the first time I've "designed" a pattern:

I am calling it Autumn Trellis. I have the "designed" in quotation marks because this is really just a variation on the basic top-down sock pattern. I don't remember where I found the stitch pattern, but I changed it a little bit so it's kind of original.

I don't envision myself as a knitting designer, but it's kind of fun to do something semi-original.

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  1. Hey, many many socks are 'just a variation' on a basic top-down design! I like that lace stitch.

  2. I think it's awesome. Let me know if you want help writing it up, test knitting it or producing a professional quality PDF for Ravelry download :)

  3. Go you! Putting your own spin on something is designing :) and these are looking great!

  4. I count that as designing!! Lovely stitch detail and beautiful yarn you are knitting with :)

  5. Totally designing :-) it looks like it's coming out great so far, I like the combo of the colour and your lace