Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Spoke Too Soon

I got a little a lot ahead of myself in my last post:

This toe-up sock technique just doesn't come easily to me! As you can see, I've frogged out quite a lot, including the heal flap and heel turn. There were just too many mistakes. I kept making dumb mistakes in the easy lace section. And my heel turn wasn't centered.

I promised myself I would get it restarted this weekend, but I'm not sure that will happen. I am just exhausted. This year, my district scheduled spring break for mid-April, meaning that we have 14 solid weeks of school between the winter and spring breaks. It's just too long! The kids always get squirrely before spring break, but this year the teachers seem to be struggling even more than the kids.

I almost hate to say that because I know that from the outside, it looks like teachers get plenty of breaks. The flip side is that our work has an intensity that few jobs have. And I don't think many people would argue that 8th-graders are an especially demanding bunch. Still, they are at a fascinating age and they make me smile.


  1. Sorry about the sock AND the squirrely kids. I remember those days from back when I was a substitute teach (k-5). The fifth grade girls started getting squirrely early in the year, but by now the boys had joined in too. They were so ready to be off to middle school. As a teacher --- I was ready too. LOL

  2. Boy do I know what you mean. We have two weeks before break and it is tough. We are all plucking each other's nerves. I need to over plan so there is NO down time between now and April 11

  3. Hang in there and maybe once the weather is nicer and you're closer to the end of school everyone will be better behaved! I always do cuff down socks and never have to rip them out ;) yours look very pretty!! Hope you get them back to where they were!

  4. Teachers are over worked and underpaid, especially teachers that work with special needs children - complain away because it certainly isn't all fun, games and holidays :)

    The socks are so pretty, I'm still to scared to try socks though, they look so complicated!