Friday, March 21, 2014

FO Friday: Les Cables Des Faux

These took a me a while, but I'm glad I finished them:

Les Cables Des Faux is a free pattern from Needle Addict. As the title implies, it's a faux-cable pattern. Very easy and well written pattern. I did make some adjustments: I wanted my tighter and less slouchy that the originals, so I subtracted one pattern repeat and cut a couple inches off the length. I love the way they came out.

Confession: These are filled with mistakes -- missed yarn-overs. I decided that the mistakes wouldn't be noticeable and didn't frog. I think I made the right decision. When I wore them to work the other day, I asked my knitting pals to find the mistakes; they couldn't. However, if these had been intended to be a gift, I would have frogged and re-knit.

The yarn is Plymouth Galway in a heathery gray. I love it when an affordable yarn makes a great project. If I make these again, I'd use the same yarn.

The sad part: It was cold and snowy enough here on Wednesday to wear them!

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  1. They are fantastic, mistakes.....what mistakes they are creative design elements. By the way I am in LOVE with your shoes.

  2. WOW! That is a LOT of knitting and they are beautiful! I love your shoes too. CUTE!

    Congrats on the great finish. Hopefully you won't have to wear your leg warmers many more times before spring finally gets to your house.

  3. Oh I keep many a knit that has a little mistake in it, for myself. That's okay! They look great on you

  4. Oh they look so so cozy! But boo about it still being cold enough to wear them.
    Oh and thank you so much for your comment about my brother JP - he is a wonderful brother, who has been hugely challenging as he grew up but without a doubt my life you'd be complete without him in it and I feel so lucky that I got to be his sister.

  5. What a great pattern, I love leg warmers. X

  6. I still have yet to own a pair of leg warmers. Yours are lovely and make me want to knit some now.

  7. They are cute. I can't imagine you'd be able to find any missed YOs. I struggle to find them in my own knitting :) If your weather is anything like ours, you'll get another few weeks of wear from them before Spring really arrives.