Monday, January 6, 2014

New Mexico Is All about Yarn

I hope you won't mind one more travel post, as long as it involves yarn:

I picked up this gorgeous skein of merino fingering-weight at Mooncat Fiber, an inspiring store in the historical center of Taos. I'm not sure  any picture could really capture the the beauty of these rich purples and pinks, but I am sure that my iPhone doesn't do it justice.

The story behind the yarn is as inspiring as the wool. It is spun and dyed by a Buddhist nun in Northern New Mexico. The master spinner was actually ordained in 2005 in India by the Dalai Lama. A self-proclaimed hermit, she says that each yarn and roving comes with love and blessings -- free of extra charge! You can read about her here.

She does have an Etsy store, but it is appears to be empty at the moment. Keep checking, though. This is special yarn!

And let me put in a few good words for Mooncat Fibers. With a friendly and knowledgeable owner and a fabulous selection, this is a top-notch store.


  1. OOOOH Next time my aunt and uncle go to New Mexico I'm sending them on a yarn mission. What an amazing find!

  2. What a fascinating background!

  3. Oh my gracious that yarn is absolutely gorgeous!! And to think it looks better in person :) I love finding new indie dyers and trying out new to me yarns!! Have fun knitting that beautiful skein.