Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Almost Only Counts in Horseshoes

I started this on Christmas eve and knit religiously (pun unintended) over winter break, but got stuck at the very end:

These handwarmers are based on Kirsten Kapur's Recipe for Mitts, which you can find here.  It is an adorable pattern. I guess one should never put aside a project this close to the end -- it's just too hard to pick it up, especially when you are working on something fiddley, like a thumb.

The yarn is from Pigeonroof Studios. I lost the ball band so I have no idea what the colorway is, but it is beautiful yarn. The gorgeous colors prevented the rounds of stockinette stitch from getting too boring.

As much as I like these, they will definitely be a gift. The colors are just not me. However, living in the polar vortex, as I seem to do these days, I'll certainly make a second pair for myself.

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