Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blanket Knitting Is Perfect ...

... for this kind of weather.

At this moment, the temperature outside is fine, around 20 degrees F, but an extraordinarily cold front is moving in. The high tomorrow is predicted to be 4 degrees F (that's -20 degrees C) and Monday's high is supposed to be -11 F (that's -24 C). That is not a typo. Those are the HIGH temps. And the air will feel even colder with wind chills figured in.

This is cold even for Wisconsin. In fact, yesterday my district announced that school will be closed on Monday. In weather this cold, it's not safe for kids to wait out at bus stops. I have been a parent or teacher with this district for 20 years, and they never announce school closings in advance. Usually they decide that same day by 6 a.m.
It is perfect weather for me to continue working on the blanket.

The baby I'm knitting for is due in mid-January so I need to focus on this.

I have mixed feelings about school being closed Monday. We are at the tail end of our two-week winter break, so the timing isn't great. If we're going to have a cold or snow day off school, I'd rather have it in February, when we need a break. On the other hand, I am thoroughly enjoying being off work so one more day will feel good.

Today was the only warm day we've had, so I got out cross country skiing with friends. It was my first vigorous exercise since breaking my leg last April. Let me just say that I am going to be VERY sore tomorrow morning. Totally worth it though.


  1. Envious of your day off, but even though I love cold weather, that seems too cold for me! Enjoy it!!

  2. That is sooo pretty!
    It's supposed to be cold her in KS also, not THAT cold, but close to 0 both days. I also work for a school district, so we'll see if we get closures. We were talking about that today at my knit group and I had never thought about bus waiting as an issue with temp and closings. Hmmmmm.

  3. It is cold! I was worried about frostbite on my fingers when I stopped for a couple of minutes to pump gas. I think the concern about kids waiting outside for buses is very valid! A hot soak for those sore muscles. The blanket's looking great!

  4. I have a very random, multicolored version of that blanket going but I love your planned-out version of the greys and blue/greens.

  5. I just can't even comprehend that kind of weather, let alone how people live and survive in it. Hope the weird weather lets up and you get back to relatively normal cold weather!