Monday, April 1, 2013

River Rocks and Sea Glass

Obviously, you won't find river rocks and sea glass in the same place, but then, these beads are not stone nor glass. Nope, they are plain old polymer clay. And I can't even claim originality. These beads are taken right out of this book:

For the most part, I like to make jewelry of my own design, but now and then I fall in love with someone else's ideas and want to make something for myself or someone I love.  That's how it was with these beads.

The trick to the stone-like appearance is to mix Tim Holtz distressed embossing powders into  translucent clay. I used Premo brand clay. My only twist was to make the stones small:

I'm trying to come up with some "matching" earrings that are not too matchy-matchy.

But not today. It's the last day of spring break and I need to work on my teaching license. Like most states, Wisconsin has implemented a complicated system requiring us to design a Professional Development Plan every five years -- and mine is due!

And a note on my last post: There is a lot to see and do in Northeastern Iowa, but not in March and certainly not on Easter Weekend! We cut our trip short by a day because so many things were closed and the wet weather made hiking less attractive. However, the company was excellent, so we enjoyed the trip.

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  1. Oh I LOVE these! So many summer days spent on stone beaches at Lake Erie :)