Sunday, April 11, 2021


 Back when I started blogging -- and I have no idea when that was because my old domain has disappeared -- there were two very active knitting bloggers from Australia. One of them blogged under the name of Rose Red, and she came up with GAAK -- Growth As A Knitter -- to describe those moments when you master something new.

In between unpacking boxes, I achieved GAAK. See if you can tell which fish was done before I'd mastered a new skill:

Look at the close-up:

The tail at the top is seamed incorrectly. So I watched a few videos before seaming the second one and I finally mastered the mattress stitch.  For some reason, this skill has eluded me -- until now!

I have a third fish on the needles because I realized I have a third student who is an avid angler. When I unpack my felt, I'll finish them all off with eyes. 

Keith is finishing a few things at the old house today because the realtor is taking photos tomorrow. The realtor expects it to sell easily, so I look forward to owning only one home sooner rather than later!


  1. I so remember Rose Red, don't you wonder what happens to all the old bloggers that were such a big part of our community? I love the fish, they are brilliant. Stay safe.

  2. Love those fishy tails. Even real fish sometimes are different. All of them are great fish.

    There are many bloggers I used to read that have given up blogging. I sure do miss some of them.

    I don't, however, know Rose Red, but I like her GAAK idea.

  3. Congrats! All seaming eludes me so I am very impressed.

  4. Good for you!!!! I love picking up a new knitting skill! The fish hats are gorgeous! (I'm sure your old house will sell quickly! yay!)

  5. ha ha! I mastered the mattress stitch late in knitting life(about 10 years ago). who would have thought that seaming mattered. I love your hats!!

  6. Those fish are fabulous! Even the one with the tail not sewn correctly...that is just a unique fish - nothing wrong with him/her! I'm betting your house sells very quickly. It's a sellers market out there right now. I love the GAAK term!

  7. Oh well done! It is sometimes those little things that make the difference. I only very recently realised I have been picking up stitches wrong all of this time! No more holes!

  8. Good for you. Knitting is full of things to learn. That is one of the many reasons I enjoy the craft. The fish look like fun gifts for your students.