Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Trying to Stay Positive

The day I've been dreading has arrived: My district has announced it plans to reopen in March -- without vaccinating teachers or other staff. The announcement is very vague, leaving us with more questions than answers. The only good thing is that I teach high school, so there is a chance that I will get vaccinated before I have to return. Fingers crossed!

But there are some things to be happy about. A couple weeks ago a friend dropped off some paper white bulbs and now I have flowers:

I spread them over two vases and dropped off one for my mom at her retirement community.

And, speaking of flowers, I'm finishing up a flowery project I started four or five years ago: embroidered flower bunting. I drew the flowers, so it's fun to see it come to life.

And here's another:

I'll take a photo when it's done and hung across our mantel. But it won't hang there for long...

Madison's disregard for its teachers is the final straw for me. I filed for retirement! As you know, we started looking for a smaller house a couple months ago. It's been crazy. All we wanted was a ranch with an attached garage on the near West Side. Apparently that's what everyone wants. The competition was fierce and houses are selling at $50,000 or more above assessment.

Well, we lucked out. We found the perfect house. It's a little farther from the city center than I'd like, but I think it would cost too much to live closer. Our current house is very close to downtown and the university, so it should sell fast. The one we bought was on the market for 3 days!

We close Feb. 24 and hope to get our current house on the market by April 1. With me working, we'll need a good month to get it ready.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations on the house!!! That's great news!
    And I can't really understand schools reopening without vaccinating everyone. That just makes no sense to me.
    I'm sure your current house will sell quickly, and nice to have some time to have two houses so you can throw out stuff and move at your leisure. We've just started cleaning out the Eugene house and it is--good times!

  2. Congrats on the house, though I'm sorry to hear about the school. Our schools went back this Monday, basically the same thing - no vaccines for teachers at all. Just masks and social distancing (as much as possible).

    The bunting is beautiful. That will cheer you up everytime you look it it!

  3. How wonderful! Retirement and a new home. I love your bunting. It's going to look so happy on the mantle-or wherever it lands in your new place.
    Our schools went back Monday. The teachers are spitting mad as there are no vaccines to be had. The few folks I know who got them are now not able to get their second dose appointment. They've been told they have 28 days to get one or the process has to start over. Crazy. Araignee

  4. I am sorry to hear your state does not consider teachers front line workers. Our teachers were vaccinated right after healthcare workers. They are considered essential workers and were some of the first to receive their vaccine. Hubby and I finally got our first dose a week ago and already have our appointment for our second dose.

    As for house shopping. It is absolutely crazy out there. it reminds me of about 15 years ago when houses were being over priced and sold. So many went into foreclosure several years later when our economy tanked. I am glad you found your perfect house even if it is a bit further out than you wanted.

  5. Glad you found the perfect house! And that bunting is lovely.I certainly agree that teacher's should be considered essentional workers! I am sure your students will be sad to have you leave.

  6. Good for you! Your health thanks you! I'm glad you've found just the right house-good times ahead; it's nice to have things to be excited about!

  7. Excellent news about the house! I hope the sale and move go smoothly. I love the flower pennants - so very pretty and beautiful embroidery.

  8. I do hope you can at least get vaccinated before you have to go back to work.
    The bunting will be so pretty - that's a really good idea and will look so happy when hung up!
    Good luck with your move - I hope it's as uneventful as possible.

  9. BRAVO on both your new house AND your decision to retire. I'm so sorry your school district has been so difficult and disrespectful. It's always a sad thing when good, dedicated teachers leave. The bunting, though? Oh how charming is that???!!! I just love it, and can't wait to see it gracing your new home. XO

  10. A BIG congratulations both on the retirement and finding a house you love.

    We have the same competitive market here too. We were very lucky to get the house we did, even if we did have some work to do that was unexpected. We still came out ahead financially and housing prices have SKYROCKETED here. I'm glad we got in before the jump.

    I love the embroidery, especially the second one with the purples. You do such lovely work.

  11. Such good news about the house! We have been at school all year, it has been hard but for the most part the kids and teachers have stayed safe with masks, sanitizing and distancing as much as possible. Stay safe.

  12. Yay and Congratulations!! Retirement and a new house. So glad you found a house to your liking (even if a bit further out) and hoping all goes smoothly for you (closing and the move). As others have said, I'm so sorry your school doesn't really care about the teachers. Most of the schools around here are hybrid or people can choose - in person or virtual. Most of the teachers I know are still teaching virtually. I hope you can do that too and avoid going into the school's physical building.

  13. congrats on the new house and congrats of filing for retirement! It has been a long overdue haul for you:) I hope you can make it through the rest of your days and enjoy crafting, painting knitting and seeing family and friends (after covid of course).

  14. That's too bad that you have had to go through that with returning to the school. I feel for teachers during this time it must be tough and scary. Congratulations on filing for retirement! Congratulations on your new home. Very exciting times for you. Take care :)

  15. That embroidered flower bunting is amazing. That is a labor of love. I am anxious to see the finished result. Congratulations on filing for retirement. Honestly once I decided to go ahead I felt so relieved. I am also thoroughly enjoying retirement. I hope you do too.