Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gift Worthy!

We've all gifted handmade items to people who didn't appreciate them, leaving us feeling that we had wasted a whole lot of time. My daughter, however, is a very knit-worthy young woman. She not only liked the mittens and hat I knit for her, but she even sent me a photo! (If you look behind her, you can see the cat quilt I made for her.)

The holidays sure aren't the same without Rachel and Seth. Keith and I rang in 2020 in Phoenix, along with my mom. Tonight will not be half as fun.

I've been knitting my Habitation Throw whenever I watch TV or socialize on Zoom, so it's coming along. It looks way better in person than in this photo, I'm happy to say.

In the last month, I got around to learning a jewelry-making skill I've long wanted to master: using brick stitch to attach beads to a metal ring. It's rewarding because it goes pretty fast.
I used free tutorials on YouTube to figure out the technique. It amazes me how generous people are with sharing their skills. I'm sure many of them are offering the tutorials in conjunction with a business, but it's still really nice. I thought about buying a tutorial on Etsy, but I figured that I know enough about beading to figure it out with a little help.
Keith has a strong preference for the fan-shaped earrings, but I like the the full circles just as well. What do you think?

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve. We'll be binging on The Mandalorian. Keith likes it more than I do, but I am the advisor for the Star Wars Club at school, so I like to be on top of it.


  1. it's always nice to see your work enjoyed!
    Both earrings are pretty, but I'm partial to the fan ones!

  2. Those are gorgeous earrings!
    I've got season 2 of The Mandalorian waiting for bingeing in the New Year. I figured I'd need something fun to start the year. I'm kind of over murder and mayhem at the moment. Araignee

  3. It warms my heart to see hand-knit items being worn and appreciated. Your daughter is definitely knit-worthy! I like the circular earrings the best.

  4. I think I like the full circle the best, but they are both very beautiful.

    Have a wonderful night of Mandalorian and a very happy new year.

  5. I like the fan shaped earrings! The mittens and hat have found just the right person!

  6. I love them both, no need to pick one they are both fabulous. Happy New YEar to you and your family!

  7. The hat and mittens look great on Rachel (and thanks for the peek at the kitty quilt!). How is she liking CO? I have a kit to make some knitted earrings...I should dig that out and give it a whirl. I like both the full circle and the fan earrings...perhaps the fan slightly more (but that may be for the color...).

  8. I did a little beading recently, too, but bracelets. You might want to check out Caravan Beads; they have nice kits as well as lots of different beads. Glad your daughter likes her mittens/hat! They should serve her well on the ski slopes in CO! (She looks a lot like her momma!) Where in CO is she? That's where I had my first teaching job and where I also met my husband. Lots of memories of those times.

  9. wow the jewelry is beautiful! How to choose a favorite? Your daughter looks lovely and warm in her hand knits.