Sunday, June 21, 2020

Not as Much Knitting as I'd Like

I can't help but feel grateful for the welcome back to blogging that I have received from you, my dear friends. Thank you so much! And I'm so glad most of you are still blogging so I can share your lives.

Early in June, I went to town on our yard -- after 17 years of neglecting this deep-shade yard. Some friends donated plants and advice, and the back yard is beginning to look good:

We've tried growing shade grass on our terrace but always ended up with a weed patch. In early June, I spent hours weeding with a hand spade and planting  that most aggressive of ground covers: Snow on the Mountain, also known as Bishop's weed. So far, it's pretty bare, but I'm confident the "weed" will fill in by fall.

However, I spent far too much time twisting my right hand and wrist and ended up with a serious repetitive motion injury in my right hand and arm. Thus, I've had to limit my knitting time, which isn't helping with my goal of knitting a big dent into my stash.

I was able to finished my "pandemic shawl." It started as an Olive Pink Shawl, but I made a lot of changes in the pattern based on my own preferences. It is a huge, cuddly shawl that will spend a lot of time on my shoulders come winter.
And I've made slow progress on Kate's Poncho. I'm using gorgeous raspberry Miss Babs yarn that I bought at a Knit-In a decade ago. It's supposed to be for Rachel, but raspberry is my favorite color:
We'll have to see how it fits me before I decide!


  1. Your yard looks lovely! It's quite tame compared to my shady yard which is always a weedy mess. The only thing I can grow for sure is moss.
    I love your shawl. It really is an interesting combination of color and texture. Araignee

  2. Love the colours in your pandemic shawl!

  3. Weeding is about the worst yard job there is. Looks like you've got it well on the road to recovery.

    Sorry to hear about the sore wrist though. Hope it is feeling better soon.

  4. Your pandemic shawl is gorgeous! Love all the different play of colors in it. I agree with Dee - weeding is not fun! (which is why I leave that to Fletch to do). Sorry to hear about your wrist issues - next time, no weeding!!

  5. Love the pandemic shawl and of course the name of the shawl, ha ha! We are having lots of landscaping done around here.We hired someone because we are trying to stop the dirt/yard from going down a steep hill.

  6. Nice work on your shade garden! All your hard work will pay off for years to come. I'm so glad you're back to blogging. :-)

  7. Nothing like a good gardening challenge! Looks good.
    The knitting is great down time when your are tired of outside.
    The shawl and poncho will be beauties!

  8. Your shady yard looks good. I’m sure the ground cover will grow and spread quickly. Love the pandemic shawl and the raspberry yarn is gorgeous!

  9. Glad I found you....I had sort of given up blogging for awhile, too, and the pandemic has led me back, but on a new platform that I'm still dealing with!!!
    Your backyard looks awesome!!! So glad you didn't choose houtenyia for your ground cover....we've been trying to get rid of it for years. Bishops weed should fill in nicely!!! And your knitting obviously has kept you the shawl!!!

  10. So sorry to hear about your arm and wrist, that must have hurt especially as it restricted your knitting time! Your yard looks so beautiful and lush. Stay safe.

  11. I hope you get back to full knitting health very soon! I love the shawl, so pretty. And I agree, that raspberry colour would be too tempting to keep for myself!