Sunday, July 24, 2016

At Least Two Reasons to Visit Oakland -- And One Involves Knitting

Oakland is becoming the hip place in the Bay Area, the beneficiary of the expense of living and doing business in San Francisco and Berkeley, so Joni and I have made a few trips there in the past week.

First we went to Brown Sugar Kitchen, a restaurant that specializes in southern-style food, for breakfast. Located in an industrial area, the building in so modest it would be easy to miss it - and that would be a shame. It's famous for its fried chicken and waffles, but we luxuriated in the grits. These folks have figured out how to make grits taste like heaven!

And then there is this store:

A Verb for Keeping Warm is truly unique. It features commercial fabric, dying supplies, and yarn -- and does a great job at all three. A Verb even produces its own very yummy yarn, much of which has cashmere! And it comes in amazing colors:
The store is decorated very simply, but every item is intriguing. I love both these sweaters:
And I have fallen in love with the idea of dying fabric! Who could resist this array?
And, yes, I bought a skein of souvenir sock yarn. Notice the emphasis on "souvenir." I'm on a year-long yarn diet -- with the exception of souvenir yarn. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist travel yarn, so I built in that safety valve. Other than that -- and we don't travel a lot -- NO new yarn until July 15, 2017.  I think it will feel good to make a dent in the stash.

Off to more adventures! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too.


  1. A Verb looks like a wonderful shop. You need to show us which yarn you bought.

    Souvenir yarn totally doesn't count as stash. As souvenirs go, yarn is actually a pretty affordable treat.

  2. The sight of all that yarn made me so happy. How beautiful is that!!!

  3. I am so glad you shared your trip to A Verb so I can vicariously enjoy it with you! It looks like you are having a spectacular time! XO

  4. Looks wonderful! The yarn shop looks terrific -- do you know the names of the sweater patterns? They're both gorgeous.

  5. Ive heard a lot about a VERB FKW Glad you got to go there in person. Glad you made a small purchase! WHEEEE

  6. Yarn makes a great souvenir! So lightweight and packable! Tee Hee! However, I need to also do the shop the stash only thing......

  7. ack!!! I am super jealous that you went there and I haven't been!! I am so glad you bought some yarn for yourself :)