Monday, April 4, 2016

Other Than Knitting

Right now, knitting is not the craft that is calling me the loudest. Embroidery has captured my attention:
This is a design that I made, possibly for use in an embroidery class. What do you think?

I wasn't feeling well on Saturday, but on Sunday afternoon I ventured out with a friend to sketch at Union South, which is a popular place on the University of Wisconsin campus. I was really happy with this sketch because I've never tried drawing anything from above:
I had a restful weekend, and I hope you did, too. I went to Saturday morning services and had coffee with a friend on Sunday morning. But mostly I sat by a window and worked on my projects for the Jewish Artists Lab. Our exhibit opens on June 2, and the artwork needs to be turned in by May 1 so I have a busy month ahead of me.

On my way home from sketching Sunday, I noticed that some of the high school football players were having an informal practice. I pulled over and sat on the hill to watch because one of my all-time favorite students was on the field. I got to talk to him during a break and was thrilled to hear that he is planning to go to college. I hope he makes it; he is a great kid.

Have a good week.


  1. What a perfect weekend. I wish I had my weekends totally free to do what I pleased. So glad you were able to relax and enjoy things you don't have a chance to as often!

  2. LOVE the embroidery. It's calling me these days too but I could never do anything as clever as that!

  3. Love the stitching and OH my the sketch from above is very well done. Love that persective!

  4. I love your stitching, something I am horrendous at! How fun to talk to your old student and find out that he has great plans for the future.

  5. Awesome stitching! And a great sketch, too! You are definitely multi-talented. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!