Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Importance of Electricity

Keith and I set out Sunday morning for Door County. It is the thumb of Wisconsin, if you look at the state as mitten shaped (as any knitter would). A peninsula bordered by Lake Michigan and Green Bay, it is popular with tourists.

We drove along the lake, heading north. Lake Michigan looks a lot like the ocean.
As we neared Door County, the skies darkened. Heavy rain pounded the car and became mixed with hail.
We stopped in Egg Harbor to do dome shopping, but everything was dark and closed. As we drove north, we saw no sign of electricity, so we were not surprised to find our little cabin lacked electricity. (Note: I took the photo after the electricity came back on!)
Turns out that the storm was historic, knocking out power to the whole peninsula and beyond. The power company had teams from other companies come in to help restore power.

Now, I can live without electricity. I am fine with pit toilets. But I do need some sort of bathroom facility. The buildings here all use well water. We learned that the toilets cannot flush without electricity to pump the water! So, we spent a day and a half planning our time around public restrooms. It was very exciting when the electricity came back on.

Now, the weather is beautiful and we are enjoying this lovely part of the world. We often come up here for the quiet, the bike riding, the art, and the restaurants.

A couple days before we left, I stumbled on a cross stitch pattern of Wilson's, a restaurant that has been in Ephraim forever. The timing seemed significant, so I assembled the needed colors and started it on our first evening here. It is going to take FOREVER to finish. It is very detailed and I have so many other projects.
I am squeezing in knitting, too. Keith drove all the way up here, so I made good progress on the second Knitcircus sock. These will definitely be ready to wear this fall.
I'll be checking in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. That cabin is adorable. Glad you had a good time in spite of having no electricity.

  2. your cabin looks so sweet. :) and i love that sock!!

  3. We had a tremendous storm too - I learned about "shelf clouds" which are something I'd never seen before. There were a couple of tornadoes too - one about a half hour drive away. But we were lucky - no power failures (our hydro is underground b/c we're in a new-ish housing development) and no damaging winds. Some are still without power more than a day later. Hope you had fun on your little getaway nonetheless!

  4. What a sweet looking little cabin! Shame about the power outage, but I'm glad it turned around to blue skies for you.

    Knit Circus yarn always looks so vibrant and lovely. I like these socks, they are fun!

  5. love your socks and I cannot ever live without electricity. I tend to pout and make a big deal about it :)

  6. Everywhere seems to have had that storm on Sunday. I was in Northern Ontario at a cottage (a few hours north of Minding My Own Stitches) and when those clouds rolled in the beach cleared in minutes!

  7. Love love love all things Door County. Just made plans to stay At Julies Motel and bike around PSP in September with Fireman!!

  8. So pretty! I love the photos of this getaway and your little cottage is cute! I hope you get some nice quality time and a little stitching done too :)

  9. Enjoy! It's a lovely spot. Awesome socks!

  10. I heard about the storm from my SIL's who are just south of Egg Harbor on the water. They were without electricity for 24 hours and they said there were so many trees down, not on their property but in other places. Glad you have power and are having fun.