Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bike, Eat, Knit, Read, Repeat

Despite starting with an epic storm, our week in Door County has turned out to be lovely, with biking, eating, reading, and crafting.

I finally finished the first Blueberry Waffle sock. These man-sized socks are taking forever. But, they will make a good gift. If I can finish the pair, that is.
I am very pleased with the books I chose for vacation reading:
Sweater Quest is about author Adrienne Martini's attempt to knit Alice Starmore's famous Tudor Rose sweater. I say "attempt" because I am only on Chapter 3 so I don't know if she succeeds. The first few chapters are fast and funny -- and interesting. It turnes out that Starmore is quick to file copyright lawsuits and there is lots of interesting stuff around that. The book was published in 2010, so I did a quick Google to see what is up with all the legal wrangling. All I can tell you is that Starmore has Google scared. Its entry on her barely mentions knitting. Hmm.  Would love to know the rest of that story.

A while back, I blogged about how much I loved The Circle by Dave Eggers. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is The Circle on steroids. WTF (can that be a coincidence? I think not) is about a technology company and a government spy that go off the rails in their use of digital information. The story is told through the viewpoints of four characters, some innocent victims and others part of the machinations. The writing glows, the plot is tangled, and the characters are engaging. A very good vacation read. (Disclaimer: I'm only about 1/3 of the way through the book.)

All that said, we are finding time for vacation activities, like daily bike rides on the beautiful back roads.
Visiting art galleries like Fine Line Designs, which has great garden art, like this mosaic fish. The art here is truly fine art. If I were rich, I'd shop here. Just wandering through it is pretty inspiring.
And you can't come to Door County without going to a fish boil. This is an old Scandinavian custom, which basically consists of boiling potatoes, onions, and fish in a big pot. At the last minute, the boil master pours a bit of kerosene on the top of the pot and lights it. For some reason, that finishes it off.
I love fish boils, both the tradition and the actual food. Considering that you have the option to drench your plate with melted butter, as I do, it's no wonder that the meal is so delicious. And, it's always finished off with this:
Door County is famous for its cherry crop, so cherry pie is a staple at fish boils.

For the record, this year with did the fish boil at The Old Post Office, and it was great. In the past I've been to the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek and The Viking Inn in Ellison Bay. All are excellent.

Have I convinced anyone to vacation in Door County yet?

We have one more full day here, and then it's time to head home.

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  1. Been there, and it's all you say and more. Be sure to visit the yarn shop. It's a nice one!

  2. I probably wouldn't do the fish boil .....but, I'd be all over that cherry pie! Enjoy your last day!

  3. Door County is winning votes with me - that all looks amazingly good

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  5. Door County is gorgeous -- one of the best places my husband and I have camped. It's been years, but I'd love to get back there. We were there in the Fall and didn't see any fish boils going on or we would have been there. And pie - oh my!! Enjoy your final hours there.

  6. I LOVE door County. We just reserved night at Julie's Motel at the outside of the Park.
    PSP. I love all things door county. Our friends own the gift shop in Ephraim on the main road...I forget the name of it now. Anderson gift shop? We met the family on a trip to the florida keys and we kind of keep up with them. Likeevery ten years!
    Fireman LOVES cherry pie...he's counting the days

  7. I'm really interested in the vacation reads you have. That seems the pace I need right now if I ever stop cooking and read again, ha!
    Oh man, butter on fresh seafood. Yeah, I'm in! I didn't know this county has a whole Scandinavian connection or did I just forget that you'd mention it before?

    I'm not even a huge pie fan, but that picture? I could eat that picture (and the real thing too!) looks sooo good!

  8. Sweater Quest is a great book, I had the chance to hear the author speak at an event back in January, she was a really interesting person! Thanks for the other book rec, it sounds intriguing.

  9. Looks like an absolutely fabulous vacation! I have never seen, or even heard of, a fish boil. Wowza!

  10. The sock looks great. I too am currently knitting man sized socks but I went up to a DK sock yarn so they aren't too painful. The sweater quest sounds really interesting. I'll have to see if or library has it.

  11. you have been traveling all summer it seems and I'm glad. You'll be restored when the school year starts (hopefully). My husband has two weeks off (prof) and we are so far going to do a staycation since the wedding took a lot out of us (money wise and mentally, ha ha ha). But I'd love a getaway....

  12. Oh many wonderful things happening.
    Your blueberry socks are fantastic! Love them to bits.
    Interesting information about the book Sweater Qwest...I now really want to pick it up as it sounds like a great read.
    Butter, fish boils and cherry pie...I want it all.

  13. I've read a little about the Alice Starmore thing. I might have to look up the book, because the Henry VIII sweater from Tudor Roses is my someday project. Too bad the new edition of Tudor Roses does not include it. I am still consider ordering the kit but two things are holding me back - I'm not sure I'd finish it and I'm not sure it would even suit me once finished. From what I understood, her patterns were designed and written around her signature yarn, and the big falling out started when her publishing partners partnered with another yarn manufacturer to make knock-offs of her yarn. I have several of her pattern books, and her patterns are sheer genius!

  14. Sounds like you are having a great time. The book sounds great, will look it up. The sock looks fab and will make a great present.