Friday, July 24, 2015

Farewell Berkeley

It only took 13 hours of travel yesterday, but I am back at home, treasuring the memories of my trip. Berkeley isn't really a tourist destination, but it's a fun place to visit friends or family.

The houses are gorgeous, especially if you like stucco:
The desert plants are exotic -- at least to this Midwesterner's eyes:
It's no surprise that there is a "Bird of Paradise" in a place that is like paradise:
You can't help but smile at Chokie, who enjoys nothing more than carrying around an old shoe:
And, of course, there is my dear friend. Yes, we know it is dorky to dress alike at our age -- and we don't care one wit!


  1. You could be sisters! I am always amazed in CA that our indoor plants thrive (and usually are huge) outside. Nice photos!

  2. How fun it was for me to go along on your trip! You look great in pink

  3. I think you look like sisters and who cares what anyone thinks, You are adorable together.

  4. The bird of paradise is beautiful and you two look great!

  5. There is nothing wrong with dressing the same as your best friend. It just solidifies the friendship :)

  6. Oh my gosh, how cute are you two? I love how affectionately you describe Berkeley.