Monday, July 6, 2015

Knitting Camp: Part II

Here she is, the lady who makes Knitting Camp so special, Meg Swansen:
And, yes, this is my handwriting:

And it couldn't happen without Amy Detjen, she who loves purple:
Here Amy is helping some campers master steeking. I had decided long ago that I would never steek, but Meg and Amy make it look perfectly do-able. So, maybe I'll change my mind.

This is what our classroom at the Holiday Inn in Marshfield looked like. (Aside: The hotel did a great job hosting us. The spaces were lovely and the food was delicious!) If you look closely, you can see Meg teaching up front.
Of course, I was knitting away, and I'll share that tomorrow for Keep Calm and Craft On.


  1. Okay, Meg is super cute, ha! But so are you! OMG! as the kids say, your journal layouts are gorgeous.

    I made the decision a long time ago to never steek as well. If you change your mind, I am going to be super duper impressed.

  2. Steeking scares me! You need to get the Bead Soup Bracelet "recipe;" I've gotten teh kits from Ellin (earthfaire) and they are very fun to make! Love your journal, too. Keep on keeping on!

  3. OMG...your journal penmanship is amazing...every page looks perfect and organized...I think you would be shocked if you saw mine (HA) I'm glad you are enjoying your camp!!!

  4. Wow ....your penmanship is fantastic! I love looking at your journal pages. They are so inspiring!

    Meg Swanson is so sweet looking. I just read that SHE is a cat person too. Makes her even MORE lovable.

  5. Looks like great fun. Steeking use to scare me, but I did a steeking KAL with the knitting for boys group and found it was easy. It's all about having the right yarn!!

  6. Camp sounds terrific. I like the way you organize your journal, a great way to remember thoughts and lessons.

  7. I'm so amazed by this! Looks like you've really squeezed every last bit of learning out of this camp! Meg looks awesome - a bit like the Fairy Godmother of Knitting in that shawl. As for steeks, the first one is the hardest because you have to overcome your fears but they all get easier after that. I watched an online tutorial by Eunny Jang before I tried it. In the video she remarks that stitches are more inclined to unravel vertically than horizontally so it's easier than you might think! Knit fearlessly!!