Monday, June 8, 2015


As I head into my last few days of school, I have a nice weekend to look back on: breakfast out with my parents, dinner out with friends, an evening with a new friend and ...

An afternoon with Draw Madison at a local garden. My sketch is the third from the right:
Hours working on improving our back yard. See the weed patch in the foreground? That is what the entire yard is like (only the weeds were much higher before we began!) We live in deep shade, so we're starting with a hosta border.
And some tentative knitting. I stumbled on this ball of Plymouth Kudo (cotton/linen) and decided it was too perfect for summer to put back in the bin. This is the beginning of a cowl, which I have since frogged. I've been searching Ravelry to find the right pattern. Any suggestions?
Four more days of school -- only three with students. Today is the last academic day. Tuesday we go on the class trip to a water park, and then Wednesday is the Farewell ceremony and dance. Thursday, I can't leave the building until I have all my paperwork done and my stuff packed up in boxes.

And then, finally, summer really begins!


  1. Yay for the summer holiday - we have 6 weeks left here! I love your sketch - I don't know what I would do with the yarn, a shawl? Hitchhiker maybe?

  2. Hooray for end of school. My son , the teacher, has till Wednesday as well. He's READY.
    As for the cotton/linen...hmmmmm just one skein? A skinny belt or skinny scarf.

  3. your weekend sounds lovely... I would love an afternoon of sketching, especially with other artists for inspiration. I'll skip on the weeding though...but hey at least you were in the shade?!?! Have a great week.

  4. All of the sketches are beautiful!

    The yarn is a beautiful color combo ---- but, wow ---- sometimes cotton yarn is SO hard to find a pattern for. I'm on the search for something using Cotton Classic. So far I haven't found one I'm willing to commit to.

  5. love the sketching! I want to get better at that, eventually when I have more time after the wedding. I LOVE your yarn :)

  6. What a nice weekend :) I'd think a nice light shawl could be lovely for your yarn - something like Montego Bay maybe?

  7. Love the colors in your yarn. I hope the right pattern shows itself soon.

  8. Look at those summer photos! Your sketch is very nice. I'm envious of people with these kinds of talents. I can barely sign my name, ha!

    How about a honey cowl or some kind of slipped stitch cowl to show off those beautiful variegated tones? I did a grey loop in something similar. that was kinda nice. maybe too busy?