Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friendly Knitters, Great Classes, Amazing Yarn: What's Not To Like?

The highlight of the year for the Madison Knitters Guild is the annual Knit-In and this is THE weekend. Our guild has about 500 members so it's a huge event. This year, we had to move to a large convention space, where the lighting is not so great for photos:
But the event itself is awesome, with a great classes and lots of tempting vendors -- like Annie Modesitt, shown at the left here with her business partner, Kathleen Pascuzzi. No doubt you've heard of  Annie as a designer, and now she's dyeing yarn in Minnesota's Twin Cities. Can you see all those yummy skeins? 

The vendors are always fun to talk to. Annie and her family have moved around the country and weathered a number of crises; she is one strong lady! We got into a discussion about the politics in our states, and she gave me a "Wisconsin teachers" discount when I bought a few things, including this:
(If you don't follow U.S. politics, our governor in Wisconsin has cut pay and benefits for many government employees, especially teachers; Minnesota's governor has maintained a strong public sector.) I can't wait to make this cowl, although I am not allowing myself to cast on until I get a few things off the needles!

You can learn more about Annie and her business here.

I took a great class yesterday, but that's another post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. How exciting to attend such an amazing event. i am so jealous of your yarn loving community. We don't have that here in the Tampa area, although we have sun and warm days so at least that is something.

  2. lovely yarn adoption! I bet you cannot wait to cast on :)

  3. That will be a great cowl/kerchief

  4. Seeing this post gets me excited for the fiber festivals coming to Texas soon. So much fun !

  5. Oh man, I am so sad I missed this event. It looks like an amazing time!