Thursday, December 25, 2014

Two Holidays in Three Days

The best thing about Hanukkah is having my two children and my parents at my house at the same time.  Seth looked so much better than he had during his vet school finals! I think he is also happy to have his sister home. We miss her!

I had a "Jewish Christmas Eve" with friends -- that's a movie followed by Chinese food.  We saw the movie "Wild" and really liked it. It's quite faithful to the book.

And Christmas dinner with my in-laws is always relaxing and fun. My mother-in-law has the most amazing Snow Village that is set up on every horizontal surface she can find.

I'm ready to do nothing for a few days -- no cooking, no cleaning, no planning!

I hope you also are having a wonderful holiday!


  1. you won me over with "no cooking, no cleaning, and no planning" a true holiday!! lovely kids and have fun during the break :)

  2. Your children are so lovely, I bet you are having a great time with them both at home Hugs and enjoy your days off. Get lots of knitting done,

  3. I love when our holidays are close to one another! We all get to be festive and share our traditions! I'm ready to get back to ordinary days for a bit!

  4. Hope you're having a nice relaxing time off with your family! We saw Wild just last night and enjoyed it, too. The guy who drove "Cheryl" to the trail head is in our choir, and it was fun to see him on the screen! I agree that it was pretty faithful to the book and loved the scenery which brought back lots of memories of hiking in the Sierras with our kids.