Saturday, December 6, 2014

Knitting Virally

If you read MereKnits -- and who doesn't? -- you know all about the Almost Forgotten Dishcloth. While Meredith didn't design it, she has inspired knitters all over to jump on the bandwagon and start spitting out these darling cloths. I knew I'd jump on sooner or later and now my first one is ready to sew up.

Very sweet, huh? I knit this out of Lily Sugar'n Cream but I didn't realize until I started that this skein is part of the scented line. The scent is quite nice -- like freshly washed laundry -- but the label says that it washes out. I'm thinking these will be perfect little gifts for thank-you's and other small occasions.

It's downright hot here -- 35 degrees F, a little above freezing, so I want to squeeze in a walk. I have a hard time exercising during the school year -- and I know I should make it a priority! After that I have to clean the house because I'm hosting my meditation group this evening. There is something not-quite-right about hurrying to get ready for meditation -- but I don't know how to get around that!


  1. Just a warning you are going to become addicted to this pattern. Thank you so much for the shout out!
    Hugs and stay warm, because it is only going to get colder this evening.

  2. i HAVE made one of those.....a while ago; long enough that I've sort of forgotten all about it!!! Thanks for the reminder. It's a gem, isn't it?

  3. How cute! I didn't know they made a scented line of that yarn. Interesting. Definitely sounds like there are more in your future.

  4. Hey, I think I saw that pattern on a blog not so very long ago. You're right, I think it may be going viral. Yes, if you're rushing to get ready for meditation, there's definitely something not quite right!

  5. Bet you make more than 1! (I just started #4.) Amazing how far behind you can get when your modem dies....... Have a great day!

  6. Yes, I read Meredith too, and she has whipped up a storm of these. I'm definitely seeing them around the internet and I'm not surprised, they perfect cute hostess gifts.

    I'm not going to lie, I'm totally intrigued by this "scented" yarn line! Alas, I think dishcloths are on the spring/summer knitting itinerary at this point. I'm in the weeds!

  7. your dishcloth is ADORABLE. Ive made them, they are a favorite of mine.
    Rushing to are not the only one

  8. I love that pattern too! I'm quite addicted to them, but I use Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale for mine. Love their colors and they don't seem to ever fade.