Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer: Already?

We literally had three days of spring here in Wisconsin, and now it's summer. At least, it's a pleasant summer day -- 87 degrees, but not too humid. It was a perfect day for a long walk with a friend and then a bike ride on my own. Some friends invited me to go on a long bike ride, but I haven't built up my fitness level after last year's broken leg. I've got to get out on the bike more and build up some strength!

Slippers are not a very summery knit, but I feel good about working on holiday knits. Pretty soon I'm going to have to figure out how to seam these up:

Madison is a beautiful place in the summer. I snapped this photo of our state Capitol this morning. I biked downtown and actually did some work while sipping an iced coffee at a cafe that had an outdoor area. If only summer could always be this pleasant!


  1. I have heard and read that Madison is a great place to live. The photo of the capital is gorgeous. Looks like it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

  2. I have never been to Madison despite living in Oconomowoc briefly twice. I hear it is a fantastic place to live. Our nephew and his family live there, he is a professor at UW.

  3. Madison is a very fun place; I spent 3 weeks there once eons ago at their Music Clinic. More lately we've vacationed there and discovered some nice knitting shops as well as pretty scenery and fun places to eat. Those slippers will come in handy soon enough...

  4. i so know what you mean about those brief spring days we seem to have recently---we, too, have launched into summer way too soon!!! (I already have an unintentional sunburn!) Only been to Madison once, but fell in love with it!!! Enjoy the week!!!!

  5. so funny . 3 days of spring, now summer is so accurate for us too in Chicago. I LOVE Madison. Any time of year