Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring Has Sprung + A Book Review

Finally, spring has arrived:

We've gone for three days with no rain: Glorious! I even rode my bike to work on Thursday and Friday. The cats have pretty much taken up residence on the screen porch.

I'm waiting for Seth's graduation cake to bake, so I have a few moments.

I just finished reading this:

It's unusual for me to read anything that has a whiff of chick-lit to it, and I can't explain what prompted me to pick up The Knitting Circle. But, pick it up I did.  And I didn't dislike it. From me, that is high praise for chick-lit. Frankly, the fact that I read the entire book is a big endorsement. It's somewhat over-dramatic -- maudlin, even -- but it hooked me from the start and kept my interest. The characters are very well drawn and Hood is a very good writer.

It is certainly the best of the knitting novels out there that I have read. It would make for great beach reading.


  1. our cats , except for old Rozzy girl, are outside much of the day

  2. I read that one a long time ago. I remember enjoying it. Some of the knit novels get too "girly" for me. But, this one wasn't bad.

    Love the pretty purple flowers. Glad spring finally found you.

  3. Pretty flowers ! So nice that spring has finally made it to your part of the world . We've had some darn nice weather here too , at long last . I could get used to it ;-) .
    I'll keep that book in mind , when I'm in the mood for a light read . Though lately my tastes have been towards mysteries and psychological thrillers . I like to mix it up now and again ...

  4. It is the best of the knitting books out there, I read it ages ago, but I liked it.
    Hugs to you,