Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yarn in C'ville

My friend Joni and I have stumbled on a couple great knitting stores. We found The Needle Lady in Charlottesville, Virginia, right on that city's pedestrian mall . I fell in love with this crocheted blanket on display:

This shop leans toward the luxurious end of the scale, so it was a great place to pet yarn. There was less yarn than usual because the owner is at Stitches Midwest. I'm not complaining; it was hard enough not to acquire a lot more yarn. I did buy one skein -- but that's another post.

Charlottesville is one of the most charming places I've been. If you visit Virginia, it's a must. Its big tourist draw is the home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and America's third president. He is a fascinating man of contradictions -- a slave owner who did not believe in slavery, for one. He is also credited for bringing French cooking to the United States in a new book, Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee, which I had to have.

His home is worth a visit:

C'ville's downtown mall teems with great local stores and restaurants. The art galleries are inspiring and there is a mixed-media art store. We had great veggie burgers at the Citizen Burger Bar. I had mine on a lettuce "bun."

There will be more. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh what lovely yarn! I recently visited a more upscale yarn shop also, they really do make for good petting!

  2. I went there last summer!!!! Well to Monticello...not sure I went to the yarn store...I went to several...but when we were there, the night before they had a massive storm and there was no power in the area (including our hotel) if I remember we didn't stop because traffic was kinda crazy...I think that crocheted blanket is the Babette by Kathy Merrick, my fav crochet designer...
    Monticello was so awesome! I've wanted to go there for a very long time...