Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family Heirlooms

Keith and I both see the day we move into a smaller house looming on the horizon, so we've been trying to clear the house of things we don't need or love. My broken leg slowed me down, but Keith has been sifting through his belongings. One of the things he unearthed is this clown made of cloth yo-yos. His grandmother made thousands of these yoyos from cast-off clothing. She made this clown doll for Keith.

The fact is that we have tons of heirloom-quality hand-mades from his family. His mom is an expert seamstress and cross-stitcher. Keith took advantage of his mom's craftiness and talked her into making a wall quilt out of the yoyos she inherited. Here is a detail of the quilt that hangs over our bed:

My parents are serious about pruning their belongings as they are in the process of moving to Madison, and they have passed on to use some lovely things -- but not handmade. My parents have great taste in art, and now we are benefiting from that!

This contrast between our sets of parents intrigues me. My mom always said she doesn't know where I came from because she has no interest in arts or crafts. But in the long run, Keith and I are lucky to have house filled with both art and crafts.

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