Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

I admit it: I love Independence Day. I wait all year to hear a string of voices read the Declaration of Independence on National Public Radio. It's really an amazing document -- and short, too. I guess that makes me a history geek.

I'm celebrating another type of independence today. I no longer have to wear a walking boot. Look:

Those are my feet and there is a shoe in each one! I have to admit that the cute shoes didn't last. I have to wear adjustable, athletic shoes because 1. The doctor said so; and 2. My right foot is still swollen (as you can see) and it doesn't fit comfortably in most of my shoes. The doctor also ordered me to do a minimum of walking for the rest of the month. I can't even go for a recreational walk! So, in a way, I have a little less independence.  But that's OK -- as long as I'm healing!

It's a beautiful, beautiful day here. Keith is out biking (moment of self-pity). I parked myself on the porch and worked on this:


It is the beginning of a Moderne Baby Blanket, a freeform and fun design by the Mason-Dixon Knitting girls. I am making this one out of Lion Brand Jiffy, a bulky alcrylic yarn. This baby is due in August, so I figure he will need a blank that you can toss on the ground and throw in the washing machine. It's a fun, mindless project.


  1. I can't believe you are doing that pattern! So am I but I'm using knit picks comfy worsted and it is not looking good. Glad your foot is healing!

  2. Congrats on being back in shoes! Sounds like things are coming along, even if your walking is more limited than you would like. Love the blanket-- I knit one from that pattern a few years ago and really enjoyed it! My favorite part was seen how the colors looked together.

  3. I love love those shoes!!!!! Where'd you get them? Glad your foot is healing...the blanket will be log cabin type patterns...

  4. One foot definitely looks swollen - don't rush it, you don't want to have a set back. I love Moderne, and yes, the most useful baby blankets are those that are thrown down wheresoever!