Monday, December 3, 2012

Ode to Ida

When I bought my first batch of yarn for Ida's Kitchen, the hat designed by Kirsten Kapur, I hoped I'd like it. Because it takes seven colors, I knew I'd need to make a handful to use up all those partial skeins. Fortunately, I love the pattern.

Here are my two most recent:

The striped hat uses up much of my original yarn. The solid pink hat is for my daughter, who has very subtle taste. It looks boring, but this hat has the cutest silhouette ever!

I seem to be hooked on this pattern. I bought a few more skeins of yarn and I'm having great fun trying out a different palette:
The yarn is Ultra Alpaca Light. The pattern calls for Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight, but I've been so happy with the Ultra Alpaca that I haven't been tempted to go for the more expensive Blue Sky!


  1. oh wow! Those colours really work! Love love love the stripes!

  2. You do seem to love this pattern. I can never manage that kind of monogamy - there always too many shiny new exciting patterns out there calling my name :)