Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looks Like Glass

It's funny how often the best creations come from pure play -- no planning, no measuring -- just playing around with supplies. That's how I came up with this necklace:

People have raved about this piece. Strangers have walked up to me for a closer look. And what they see surprises them: It's made of buttons. Apparently, the dangles look like barrel-shaped glass beads!

I love buttons almost as much as I love beads. I devised these dangles because I had been noticing that I rarely used the really small buttons, and I was beginning to have too many of them left over in comparison to their larger counterparts. So one day I just spilled a bunch of them onto my desk and starting playing.

The process turned out to be addictive and now I am almost completely out of small buttons! New problem: What to do with all those larger buttons?

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