Sunday, March 14, 2021

Three Months of Stress to Go

 Three months from now, I will be on my 2nd day of retirement. I cannot express how happy that thought makes me! For one thing. our school district is going to remove seniority as a priority for shifting schools and for layoffs. As if that's not enough, I went on a safety tour of my school Friday -- and it is a mess. Hardly anyone has their own classroom because the school is so small (but has 200 staff and 2,200 students), so there is nowhere safe to eat lunch. 

Even vaccinated, I'm not sure it's safe. People are dying after being fully vaccinated. My employer acts like vaccination removes all risk -- but it doesn't! Even though the CDC recommends that vaccinated people should avoid crowds of any size and restaurants, we are opening high schools. And what about all those unvaccinated teens?

So onto something cheerful:

Here's our little retirement house. We had the inside painted white. The painters finished Friday, so we have spent much of the weekend moving in the smaller furniture. My sweet husband moved all the furniture for my craft room so I could get that set up ASAP. The movers come on March 30, so we have time to get our current house cleaned up.

The neighbors are super friendly. There's a darling 4-year-old girl next door who I'm going to adopt as a foster grandchild -- seeing as I don't have any grandchildren on the way

That safety tour lasted 1.5 hours, which is way too long for me to be on my feet. In between taking loads of stuff to the house, I've been hand-quilting using my lap quilting hoop:

I love the tear-away paper. I can't do circles or spirals freehand.

And I finished another hat:

It even matches the Navajo rug that my MIL made!

We back to school on April 13, and I am very stressed out about that. I am having so much trouble with foot pain (club feet) that I don't know how I'm going to survive. For me, virtual teaching has been a blessing. I have asked for accommodations, but my district has denied every accommodation I've requested in the past, so I am worried.

Still, it will all be good in three months. I can do this!


  1. Counting down the days with you. Hope they go quickly.

    Your new house is pretty.

  2. The new house is nice. It looks like it has a front porch for a bench or glider - perfect for knitting, reading, sketching, or hand stitching! Hopefully as the weather improves, you can move some instruction outside.

  3. WAIT!!! Your MIL MADE the rug? Do tell - I want more information. It's gorgeous...and your hat is really nice too. I'm sorry school is such a cluster for you - wish you could just walk out now! The house looks very nice. Hope all the move stuff goes smoothly.

  4. I can't imagine your worry. I hope it all goes quickly and safely for you. Daughter is in the same boat here. They are opening everything up which means her rink will be back to normal capacity and she is last in line for the vaccine. It just doesn't make sense. She is furious and very worried as am I for her.
    Congrats on the new house. I wish The Mister and I had the sense to move when we first retired. This place is too much for us and it's only going to get worse. We can't move our outside kitties so we are stuck here now.
    Tearaway paper for quilting? Hmmm....I'm going to have to look into that. Transferring the pattern is always a pain.

  5. YOU CAN DO IT! I cannot wait for your retirement and the blissfulness you will be living. Hang in there! I would adopt a grandchild as well. Why not?

  6. Your new house is so charming! I hope thoughts of your new life in your new home will offset some of the worry and concern you have about completing the school year in person. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with the stress and anxiety of these last few months before your retirement. (Your school district sounds dreadful, actually.) Sending the good moving juju! XO

  7. First off, the house is so cute and it sounds like it will be such a happy retirement place.

    I truly do not understand the rush to open schools back up for what? Six or seven weeks of instruction? The first two of which will be spent calming down kids and re-teaching them how to behave in a classroom. Then the rest of the time will be spent trying to keep things clean and to keep people socially distant.

    As I look at our calendar, I see that while my 'official' separation date is 6/30, I'll be all done at of 6/15 so I'm with you for the 3month countdown (I may have to go in and clean out my office after that if I don't get around to it during the term). WE CAN DO IT!

  8. Look at your smile! Yes, you can do this and just think of your calm place in the new house! Wonderful!!!!

  9. Retirement can't come soon enough, I wish you the best with your next three months. I love your new house, it is picture perfect! Stay safe.

  10. Hang in there! I hope it all goes better than expected.

    What an adorable house! Great hat too, and that rug is stunning.

  11. Deb, I Am so sorry that Admin is at unsupportive. What a crime. You have another fabulous hat!your color work is even and beautiful. Do you go up a size needle? Love that house!

  12. Oh man, hang in there. At least the end is in sight. Your retirement home looks very nice. And what a husband to help you with your craft room. Spring is on the way.

  13. P. S. I've never seen the tear away paper but it looks like it would be great to use. I have a small quilt laying on my sewing table that is waiting to be marked for quilting. Hmmm

  14. Love your little house. My husband and I have just started looking and thats more or less the kind of thing we are looking for. I'm not sure how it is for you, but the market here is insane - everything is at least $200K overvalued. But what can you do... we need a house!

  15. Three months - that is very good news. How exciting to be moving into a new home just in time to retire. We will have to chat about the transition from school life to retirement. Still holding out hope for accommodations from your district