Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Some Happy Things

  As winter hovers, we Midwesterners are eking out every outdoor activity we can. My Urban Sketching group met at the UW Arboretum on Sunday. My sketch is the ugly one. I can't seem to get the hang of trees.

I'll sure miss seeing these folks over the winter.
I finished a project that is making me happy. 

Of course, it is: It's a coffee-themed mini quilt. The background is from cotton scraps left on my cutting board from a throw I'm quilting. The cup is felted wool, and the "steam" is made from beads.

I am also happy with these mitts that will be making their way to my daughter in Denver.

The pattern is Align Mitts. It's free and well-written. I zipped through these with a Madtosh speckled yarn.

And there are some good things about working from home. Sometimes I have company while I'm teaching:

She slept all through a Biology class!


  1. I am trying to figure out which project I like the best and I just cannot decide! I think the quilt though.

  2. Trees are hard. Some people can just get them in a few strokes and others-like me, really struggle. Last year I started watching some sketchers on YouTube and following along with their technique but it didn't help. I think it's all in the
    Your quilt is AMAZING!!!! All those little stitches give it so much energy. Well done!!! Araignee

  3. Frankly, I do not see any ugly sketch in the grouping. Love the quilt - the colors are cheerful and make me smile.

  4. Not one of those sketches is ugly! Love the quilt and the mitts... and of course, your teaching assistant is purrfect!

  5. Those sketches are not ugly - way better than I could do. I love the coffee cup quilt. The cup and the steam are so pretty. I have made the Align Mitts several times and enjoyed the pattern. I think if you like the About Town Mitts in post below that is what counts.

  6. I bet she wasn't the only one! (no reflection on you! lol)
    The mitts are really neat! the quilt is fantastic (the cup has incredible detail) and the sketching is super! Love the Fall colors!!!!

  7. I couldn't find the ugly one. They are ALL beautiful.

    The quilt is amazing. I love the beaded steam. Very creative.

    As for the kitty ------does it get any more cozy than that??? I don't think so.

  8. I have to agree with the others - no ugly sketches to be seen. So nice that you could still meet up with your sketching buddies. Love your quilt - the beaded steam is gorgeous. Very clever. And what a sweet, sweet kitty. Of course she slept through biology!!

  9. I miss everything about pre-covid. I have great difficulty getting motivated to watercolor. I love the sketches and from here they are very very pretty!

  10. Oh, that mini quilt is just charming! I love it! :-)
    My watercolor class/group has been meeting weekly on Zoom since May. It's good to stay connected with everyone, and the instructor has made a good adjustment to the online format - but . . . I really do miss seeing everyone!

  11. Beautiful creations! I admire people that can do lovely drawings and paintings. The quilt looks so pretty!! Keep safe and have a great Sunday!

  12. mitts awesome. MUch needed this week. Your coffee quilt is so fun and cheerfuL!!