Saturday, September 12, 2020

These Mitts are Cursed

 I can't find my favorite fingerless mitts, so I've been knitting myself a pair of About Town Mitts, a pattern by Bonnie Sennott. As you can see from the two finished mitts, some things went terribly wrong.

Most obviously, the mitt on the right is too short. I thought it was just a weird design, but then the second mitt worked out beautifully. I missed an entire section on the hand the first one, so I'll have to tear it back and reknit.

Also, there are some weird holes at the bottom of the thumb gusset of the mitt on the right. When I put the mitt on, the holes don't show, so I think I'm just going to live with that. At least these aren't a gift for anyone!

I am always admiring the quilting I see on your blogs. Those of you who quilt perform miracles, like sewing straight lines and producing even squares. Instead of just envying you all, I am working on a modern log cabin pattern that allows me to focus on those two skills.

So far I think I see some improvement in my skills. But I won't really be able to tell until I start putting together the pieces.

I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit down this evening. It's Selichot, a service that is held on the Saturday night before Rosh HaShanah. My congregation isn't even doing a Zoom service, so I feel a bit off. For me it's the first step in the High Holy Days.

Also, I'm tired. Teaching on Zoom is exhausting. And there were so many issues -- technology problems, scheduling issues, frantic phone calls from confused students and parents. It was good to see students, even if it was just online.

You may have seen Madison in the news. Students at UW-Madison are not following protocols and the numbers in Dane County are spiking. Every day is new high. More than half the frat and sorority houses are quarantined, as well as two large dorms. 

It's going to be long winter, I'm afraid.


  1. Lots of toughness about these days. I'm sorry you don't have the comfort of the services at this time. I hadn't seen UW-Madison news but not surprised.

  2. Oh and my thoughts are with you at this tough time.

  3. peace my friend. YOu will enter the New year with the peace of knowing that your faith is strong even if your rituals may be different this year. Saw the UW news. Miami of OHio quickly went into a big spin, as well.
    Don't let work overwhelm you if possible. DO what you can. Take care of yoU!

  4. The mitts are a good visual for your stress. I'm so sorry. The quilting will be a nice outlet. Take Care. We are made to gather for worship and that lack is an added strain for me, too.

  5. Temple University brought the kids back and within two weeks they are all being sent home (same reasons). Can you imagine the expense for the parents of kids that do not live local???

    I certainly don't have the answers to how things should be done, but oh my golly, this winter is going to be a doozy if people don't smarten up.

  6. When knitting attacks....those naughty mitts are going to be pretty when they finally decide to behave.
    It's going to be a long winter here too. Our governor fought to open up private schools over the objection of the health department and now we've got teachers and students passing it around in the area Daughter works. Some of them are her skating students and she is not happy. That area already has the second highest caseload in the state. I am not sure how we managed to elect such stupid officials. I didn't vote for the clown. Araignee

  7. Trust me, my seams are not always straight, and my squares are not always square.... but I managed to cram it altogether with a little pull here and little stretch there and it all works out in the end. You don't really see the wonk in the finished quilt anyway, and it's still usable regardless.
    If you haven't already, Check out the tutorials from Missouri Star Quilts. Jenny shows some great shortcuts, and her motto is "finished is better than perfect!"

  8. My church is holding in-person services, but very few people wear masks which makes me nervous. Thankfully, a second service is held with social distancing and masks, I long for the day when I can worship with the whole congregation. Perfection does not exist in quilting or knitting. The Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials are very helpful.

  9. I'm sorry you are missing your services. I pulled yarn in a similar color to make fingerless mitts for myself! I'm amazed at ALL quilts - not a skill I have.....Teaching remotely has got to be so tough. I'd like to hope that things will get better, but I think that's a ways off for now. Take care!

  10. I'm sorry you can't do your services. I youtube Mass from Boston so maybe you could do a youtube search that would do in a pinch (but it's not the same). Zoom is incredibly exhausting!!

  11. Sometimes . . . the best we can do is try to sew straight seams. Hang in there. Sending XO.

  12. Hope your numbers start dropping soon. We have just had our restrictions lifted a little today. Hopefully cases won't jump up again now that we are allowed out more! Sending you all the best.