Sunday, April 21, 2019

She Looks So Innocent

Kola is a very cute cat, and she is quite entertaining. She's always stretching into odd positions, like she is here, luxuriating in a sunbeam.
However, it isn't so cute when she stretches out next to your computer -- knocking over a cup of herbal tea, which then splashes across the keyboard. To no one's surprise, my computer did not work after that!

So, I had a week of computer deprivation while Keith tracked down a new MacBook for me and then found someone to put all my files on the new computer. I'd had the previous computer since 2011, so it wasn't that outrageous to have to get a new one. But still. The 2011 MacBook was doing just fine and would have lasted for a few more years. Pets can be expensive in unexpected ways!

In the meantime, spring has finally arrived. The magnolia tree down the block is beginning to bloom. It's so funny to see flowers before leaves.
And with spring comes Passover. We had a Seder at my friends' Debbie and Richard's house. They are avid gardners, even on the inside of their house:
Those cool planters are from IKEA, in case you want to do the same thing.

I am just loving knitting these simple fingerless mitts:

I'm using Kirsten Kapur's Mitt Recipe, and following her directions to the T.  I did get two pairs out of one skein of Zauberball Crazy yarn, with quite a bit of yardage to spare. The only hard part was deciding how to pair of the finished mitts. I think I have to do another set in a different colorway.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you had a lovely weekend!



  1. Good Passover to you and your family . Happy New Computer!!

  2. Oh, Lola you are a naughty kitty! Love the mitts you knit: Zauberball Crazy is fun yarn.

  3. Too bad about your computer. . . our animal friends are so "helpful" (sometimes). Those mitts are very cool! I love seeing what the Zauberball Crazy skeins will do -- and those mitts provide a perfect canvas. :-) It looks like you enjoyed a lovely Passover seder. :-)

  4. Oh my... that is just too bad about your computer. Good thing Kola is so cute!

  5. Ouch to a new computer! I hate those unexpected expenses. Kola is cute though...

    Those planters are really neat looking. I don't have space for them, but it's a neat idea.

    Love the mitts! Fun colors and no matchy-matchy.

  6. Oh no to the computer - but you have to love that face!!
    Love the mitts.

  7. Kola is adorable and she says you're welcome for the new computer.

    She was doing you a service. LOL

  8. I love those mitts! What happy colors.
    What a naughty kitty. I am sitting here myself with a cup of tea right next to mine. I need to rethink that.
    Happy Passover!

  9. What a catastrophe! (Sorry for the pun!)
    The mitts are lovely-no wonder you are enjoying making them!

  10. Glad your computer problems are over! Hare computer issues. Those mitts are super cute!! That cat is living a pretty good life!! That suspended garden looks incredible. Have a wonderful week!!

  11. Who'd have guessed such an innocent looking kitty could do so much damage? Glad to hear that spring is finally coming to the Midwest! Enjoy, and have a nice Passover celebration. Great idea to use ZBs for mitts; I need to remember that!

  12. glad you are back on line and naughty kitty!! Kids can do as much damage as well. Luckily Holly only tries to 'play' with yarn but I keep it hidden in projects bags and have outwitted her...

  13. Glad your computer issues are sorted, cats are full of mischief aren't they. We went to a passover meal at the end of a lent course many years ago. It was a privilege to take part and fantastic that the significance was explained. I do have a Jewish Festival Cookbook that I really ought to use more often. Cathy x Using a Jewish cookbook.