Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snow Day: The Good and the Bad Yarn Along

My phone rang at 6:10 this morning -- usually not a good thing. I always think something happened to my parents. But this was a robo-call from the school district informing me that the schools are closed! I would have gone back to sleep except a very hungry cat was licking my face.

So here's the good and the bad:

A snow day is a good thing. Shoveling is not. Keith is skiing all week in British Columbia, so the pleasure is all mine. I generally enjoy doing the sidewalks, but this is very wet and heavy snow. Oh well. I need the exercise! (He arranged for service to plow the driveway -- thank goodness!)

I finished my quilt 10 minutes before last night's meeting, so I was able to deliver it. I'm looking forward to making some progress on my Brickless:
And I need to prepare for the Sun Valley January Thaw, which is coming up tomorrow night!  What is more fun than packing knitting? Not much!

I'm having trouble finding a book that will hold my attention, so I'm taking a chance on Mischling by Affinity Konar.
I don't usually read Holocaust fiction because I often feel that the quality of the fiction doesn't live up to the seriousness of the topic. This has gotten very good reviews and was on the new-books shelf at the library. It's about twin girls (fictional) who are plucked out of the masses at Auschwitz to be "treated" by Dr. Mengele. It might be too painful to read, but I'll give it a try.

On this snowy day, I'll be linking up with Ginny to Yarn Along.


  1. Wet snow is the worst for shoveling. I'm glad you didn't have to do your driveway. The color of your brickless is so beautiful. I'm really craving color after so many gray dark days.

  2. Woo hoo!!! I love a good snow day. It's warm and sunny here today. This winter has sure been odd in these parts.

  3. That does sound like an intense read. I remember seeing a program about the same scenario. Told by survivors. Your yarn is such a bright and uplifting colour.

    I had no idea that you could hire people in to clear your drive. Then again, we don't get a lot of snow.

  4. Like Cheryl, I recently viewed a documentary on this topic. Hard to watch, but it's important that we are knowledgeable to prevent those horrific events from being repeated.

    It took me an hour yesterday to shovel 9" of snow from my driveway. Thankfully a neighbor used his snowblower to clear the walks on this block. This morning, I shoveled an opening to the street (about 3 x 12') and it took everything I had to get it done. One of the "helpful" neighbors used his ATV last night to "blade" the street and piled a lot of it in front of my driveway. The city only blades the main streets so neighborhoods have to deal with the snow themselves. Thankfully, I have nowhere to go and can allow traffic to pack the snow before I venture out.

    I hope your trip is enjoyable.

  5. Snow days. I always love and hate them. Love that I don't have to go anywhere, hate that I can't go anywhere. Hope you are enjoying yours - LOVE the color on Brickless!

  6. Love your Brickless...and your snow day! This is one of the strangest winters I can remember. We are finally having sun today and warm temps (enough that my husband will grill tonight), but it has been flipping and flopping all winter long!

    Your book choice does sound pretty intense. I'm not sure I could handle that.

    Glad your shoveling is done so that you can enjoy what I call "found time" -- unexpected time to putter/read/knit/stitch/whatever you want. Enjoy!

  7. Brickless looks wonderful! Enjoy the snow day!

  8. Snow shovelling is no fun is it. Glad you got it done though and that there wasn't anything wrong with your parents either when the phone rang. I know that feeling!

  9. Your Brickless is beautiful! And, YAY for snow days! I will be interested in hearing your thoughts on that book. I have read some holocaust books and I agree - some miss the mark.

    Have a great trip! XO

  10. If you lived where I do you wouldn't have to worry about snow the rest of the year. I bought snow boots!!!! LOL

  11. I tend not to read holocaust fiction because I find it horrific that it happened. I was reading War and Remembrance and had to quit back when I was pregnant with my second child (that probably didn't help with my emotions...). Sorry you had to shovel heavy snow! Love that shawl color!!