Saturday, October 22, 2016

Darn Those Badgers!

My friend Tsela and I spent the whole day -- the whole beautiful, warm, sunny day -- in the gym of a suburban middle school. What were we doing there? Nothing! To be precise, we were selling nothing.
These are my resin pendants made with illustrations from vintage reading primers. I love them. But they didn't sell.
The day wasn't a total waste because we got to hang out together. And we met a really nice woman at an adjoining booth. She drove more than 3 hours to get to this show, so we felt lucky in comparison. Still, we had thought we'd sell a more than a few items. She sold one pair of earrings. I sold two pairs plus some gift boxes.  If you figure in gas, we maybe broke even.

These are my handmade polymer clay beads.
The other vendors told us that they think most people were home watching the Badger football team play Iowa. We found this shocking! Who would rather watch football than go to a craft fair? Very strange.
A number of people liked these bracelets, but not enough to buy them.
We have another rural fair scheduled, but I'm ditching it. I do better in a more urban setting. My weekends are just too precious.

Forgive me if I sound grouchy. I came down with a cold yesterday, and that didn't help my day at all. When I finally got back to my house, I couldn't sit on the back porch because one of the neighbors was doing his whole yarn with a leaf blower. Am I the only one who hates those things?

I hope your weekend is more pleasant!


  1. Oh that stinks to spend a whole day not selling anything! Your items are so beautifully displayed too.

    No --- you aren't the only one. I HATE lawnmower, leaf blower noise. But, most of all I hate that the neighbors (multiple) allow their dogs to bark ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT! (Only 4 more days until moving day for us!) I just want to sit on the porch and read, but the dog next door (a 90 pound BEAST) thinks that is an affront to his property and sounds like he would rip me up if he could. (The funny thing is ......he's a friendly dog!!!)

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I can't believe no one bought anything - those are all so pretty and unique!

    Oh God leaf blower, snow blower, lawn mower - drive me nuts! What really kills me are the people who think they need a leaf blower for their tiny little courtyard area in the city.

    Feel better - I hope you can enjoy at least a little of your weekend.

  3. So sorry :( The one and only craft fair I entered I did not sell anything, but like you I did have a good visit with a friend as we sat there not selling anything. Your work is so pretty. Thanks for letting us see some of it. Wishing you well!

  4. Well, that's a bummer! Do you have an Etsy shop? I bet your things would sell there. Hope your Sunday finds you feeling lots better, and yes, I dislike loud leaf blowers, too.

  5. I HATE leaf blowers too. The Mister is the worst offender. Your clay beads are spectacular. Learning to do that is on my bucket list.

  6. I used to hate leaf blowers too...then after having a back injury found this to be the only way I can take care of the leaves. my leaf blower picks up the leaves and mulches them so I can compose them. even with the leaf blower I can only work amount short time before taking a break.

  7. Well you do live in Madison, just saying that might be why everyone stayed home. My husband and sons were up in Door Co, this past weekend watching the Packers play on Thursday night. They had a wonderful time.

  8. Oh dear. Big hugs. NOt fun to have a cold. I say WRONG market Your creations are LOVELY. Try another type of venue. DOnt be discouraged!

  9. If I had been close, I'd have come and shopped! I love those necklaces! And, noise pollution - you are not alone in your dislike of this. I loath those blasted things! Bah!

  10. bummer. at least your inventory remains good for the next round (not much of a consolation, huh?)

  11. Sorry you didn't sell anything. It all is so pretty. I bet you're right that an urban setting would be better. Oh God, I HATE leaf blowers. My husband has fun with it...but not me. I'd rather walk through leaves on our patio than listen to that thing. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Sorry nothing sold 😢 But I Ann sure it is sometimes just not the right venue or a not so great day. But tell me more about your exit strategy? Have you thought about what you want to do?

  13. hope you feel better, my sister does the odd craft show and sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss. You never know what people are looking for and who's your competition and how big their budget is...hope you feel better :)