Sunday, August 7, 2016

End of Summer Blues?

I've been dragging lately, kind of tired all the time. I hope I perk up before school starts! I stopped by football practice on Friday, and that helped pump me up for the new school year. A lot of my former students came over to talk and seem happy that I'm following them to high school.

It took all of my energy to get up early this morning for this:
My friend Tsela and I shared a table at a local Farmer's Market. It's a new market and there isn't enough foot traffic to make it very profitable. I made some sales this morning, but only from people I know. Tsela made her first jewelry sales ever to a couple of strangers, as well as a few sales to friends.

I have to add that we could not have done this without our husbands.  Their help was essential for setting up the table and the tent -- both borrowed. It was my first time using a Square, which means that now I can accept credit/debit cards!

A few days ago, I needed to get the car to my son in the morning, so I went early and had coffee at the cafe that is, conveniently, right next door to his building. My plan was to start the Granola socks in the yarn I bought in California.
However, this yarn is a bit thin for socks, so I ended up frogging. I had more success drawing the building across the street:


  1. How exciting! Farmer's Markets are such fun.
    Love the sketch of the quaint old building.
    I can't believe school starts here in just two weeks. Summers go too fast.

  2. Your drawings are wonderful! Love the jewelry, too; do you have an etsy shop? Maybe you just aren't back in the WI time zone yet? Love that Granola sock pattern (Yes, I caved and bought it!), so I hope you'll try again. I am trying real hard to wait till I finish something before casting it on.....

  3. Your artwork is so beautiful! And, your jewelry is as well! I am ready for this hot weather to go on hiatus, but I am not ready for summer to be over yet!

  4. your artwork is truly wonderful !!!!!! Your little shop will get lots of newlookers. I have this issue where I dont want anything on my neck or earrings or bracelets. Weird phase. HOpe it passes

  5. Your drawing is adorable. I want to GO there!

  6. there anything you don't do ???!?

  7. Your table looks good. Despite the end of summer blues and fatigue, the post and your spirits sound pretty positive with the good stuff. I hope it is a wonderful school year for you.

    The drawing is beautiful. The yarn will be there for something else!