Sunday, December 6, 2015

You Gotta Enjoy the Time You Have

It could have been a bad weekend. Work is really stressful this year and I'm still dealing with pain from a work injury. But, I willed myself to set all that aside and enjoy the weekend. And, for once, it worked.

Here are a few of the lovely moments:
At a dinner party Friday evening, Steve showed us all how to make a Clementine into a candle. (Hints: score around the middle, preserve the center stem, and fill with olive oil.)

Saturday night, there was a birthday party for new mom Ilana. My daughter will be very jealous of this balloon. They both love Disney princesses:
And at long last, I have a picture of Ilana's daughter in the Babies and Bears Sweater that I knit for her, held by my dear friend, Debbie:
And there were quiet moments at home with Keith and his cats. Here is Weeko, perched to soak up some weak winter light:
Although winter is slow in coming this year. I actually went for a bike ride with friends on Saturday!  We only did 12 miles and I was exhausted. That's what happens when you get lazy about exercise I guess. Still it's cold enough for me to slip into my handmade socks, and that's a feeling that I love:
I hope that you have had a lovely weekend!


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect. Now you need to rest that injury my friend.

  2. That is really interesting about the clementine candle. I certainly never would have thought that the center piece would hold a flame. COOL!

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. That kitty photo is purrfection!

  4. Sounds like a very nice weekend. I love when it's finally cold enough to wear handknit socks again.

  5. Love that baby finish model!~ Love your handknit socks. The Clementine candle is very cool indeed!
    I had a good weekend. Visited my sweet mom last night. Talked about how she made a wonderful Christmas for us. She didnt remember it but she was happy to know she made her 6 kids happy!

  6. Baby + Handknit sweater = happy goodness :)
    This post spoke to me, I'm definitely consciously getting into the season, focusing on the positive and struggling a bit on the stress. But yes, so many good things. And exercise in the cold. I'm telling you it counts for twice as much, because even when you don't think it does, it takes more effort!

  7. What a fun candle! I love your Baby and Bears sweater; that is a very fun knit. Take it easy if you can so you'll heal completely! Hugs.

  8. You may appreciate this...I read my class One Candle last week, it's about Hanukkah and a concentration camp and how they smuggled a potato to make a candle for Hanukkah....I read another book a couple days later about a little girl who celebrates both holidays ...and there was a gold menorah and one of my students was confused...he thought the candles were always made out of potatoes....even though I do have a menorah in the classroom, he hadn't made the connection....