Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful for Family

It has been a hectic weekend -- in the best possible way. Both my brothers flew in for the holiday from the East Coast with their families. It was amazing to be together. Every minute was precious.

I didn't capture everyone and everything on camera, but here are some of the people that make me grateful.

Up first, are my daughter, Rachel, left, who is home from grad school in Miami, and my niece Rebecca from Washington, D.C.
My brother Mike, more famously known as Rebecca's dad, and my mom (apologies to Mike's wife Mary, who didn't make it into any of my pics):
My dad (can you believe he's 83?):
My nephew and niece (and siblings), Theo and Jennifer. Theo is in 5th grade in Williamsburg, Va., and his sister graduated from Davidson College in May and is now a consultant in Los Angeles:
My brother Eric (a.k.a. Theo and Jenn's dad) and his fiance Nancy:
Nancy and her son, Robbie, who is a high school sophomore, just like Rebecca:
And my ex-husband with my son Seth, who took a few evenings off from veterinary school:
Yes, my ex has Thanksgiving with us. We have a very cordial relationship, he doesn't have any family nearby, and I don't want to have half the Thanksgivings without my kids -- so it works out. Also, I think it's nice for my kids to share the holiday with both their parents.

We had the dinner in room at my parents' retirement community, and everyone pitched in with the cooking. It worked out very well. I only wish I had taken some pictures of Mike's pies. They looked and tasted amazing.

My daughter flew back to Miami yesterday, and everyone else is leaving today -- which leaves me feeling a bit sad.  When Rachel was little, she used to ask if we could all live together in one big house. I share her feelings. I really, really hate being so far from my brothers.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as filled with blessings as mine.


  1. I commend you for your ability to move on and keep the family first! Everytime Al goes back to Virginia we say we aren't going to cry. We know its silly. Everytime we end up crying. WE LOVE our kiddos.
    How wonderful to have someone we love so much that makes it so hard to be apart.....or something like that said WInne the POOH

  2. That's quite a crew you've got there! I'd give anything to have one more holiday with parents.

  3. My kids have always wanted to have everyone together living in the same big house! I am so sorry you are sad that everyone left, but you have wonderful memories of your special day. You are amazing to have your ex there, I am sure everyone appreciates your generosity.

  4. Looks like it was wonderful! Kudos to you all for your flexibility. My ex and I have finally gotten to that stage but it was a while in coming. Grateful, nonetheless.

    How's your body mending coming along?

  5. That is so great that you can get your family together like that. You are doing a great service to your kids.

    We had a "tiny" Thanksgiving. Steve and I had our first holiday without our son. He just recently moved to Virginia --- as in HE is there, but his STUFF isn't yet. So, while we missed our son, we still had a wonderful day doing just what WE wanted to do.

  6. My dad actually lived with us for awhile after my Mom remarried...they said, "just because the marriage didn't work, there was no reason to ruin the friendship." My stepdad and dad referred to each other as was very good for us...

  7. I am so happy that you had all of your family together :) I agree with you, I want everyone here with me as well. But it's not possible so I cope.

  8. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving gathering!