Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Perfect on a Cold May Day

It was an incredibly cold and gray afternoon; perfect for meeting a friend after work for coffee and knitting:

The latte is decaf -- even Caffeine Girl has her limits -- and the hat is Gladys, a free pattern from Quince and Co. I'm knitting it in the called-for yarn, Quince's Chickadee. At the moment, I am liking the yarn more than the pattern. The yarn has a rustic look, but without the roughness that often comes with that type of yarn. Chickadee is really quite soft.

The lace pattern doesn't show up at all, at least not so far. Obviously I'm hoping that blocking with change that.

Later, I curled up in bed and opened up this :

Has anyone else tried My Struggle? It's an odd book, the first of a six-volume set. It's an autobiography written like a novel and has been compared to Proust's fictional In Search of Lost Time.

 I hit page 100 last night and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The writing is incredible, but the amount of detail is overwhelming. I'm thinking I'll like it more when the author gets a little older. At the point where I'm reading, he's a teen-ager and there's a lot of teen-boy angst. Despite my ambiguous feelings, I'm not ready to give it up?

I'll be checking with Keep Calm and Craft On.


  1. I think the hat will be just lovely and I bet the blocking will bring out the lace pattern!

  2. Love your yarn choice and hat!!!
    Books that leave me unsure...leave me for sure

  3. Blocking works wonders! I bet you change your mind. It's chilly and gray here, too, and I am trying to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It is strange.

  4. never heard of that book.....will be anxious to hear more about it. (So far, it hasn't made my must read list.)

  5. I love coffee and knit days, those are the best. With or without friends. Glad you are able to get some of that in !

  6. You can make out the lace in your picture, blocking will bring it out a treat. Love the colour of the yarn. Coffee and doesn't get any better!

  7. Knitting and coffee with a friend sounds perfect.

  8. knitting with a pal and coffee ... dreamy times. I'm glad to know you find chickadee soft. I'll file that away somewhere for use later :) Looking forward to your finished hat.

    Have a fabulous weekend.