Saturday, March 7, 2015

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

This is always the question for me when a new knitting book comes out. I pretty much fall in love with all of them at first sight, so I find myself puzzling over this question far too often. But this one didn't require too much thinking:

I saw it at last month's Knit-In and I knew I was going to cave for a few reasons: The patterns are gorgeous; they are all worsted weight, which I am loving these days for its quick-to-knit-up quality; and the patterns look very well-written.  Besides, I like to buy from the sellers who come to events and sit at their booths for a couple days!

I even picked out the first pattern that I want to knit and bought the yarn (again from a booth!):

However, first I am determined to finish the pink shawl that I've already started. Yes, I do have an insatiable love of pink, especially deep, magenta-ish pinks. Really, a girl can't have too many pink shawls. (Although, I suppose I could gift one of them. Maybe.)

I'm in a mood to indulge myself, though, as I got some very, very good news yesterday. A year ago, a scan revealed a nodule on one of my lungs that could have been cancerous -- but was too small to be diagnosed. A scan this week shows that the nodule is gone!

At the same time, it's also been a sobering week. My husband was diagnosed with hypertension. One of my brothers diagnosed with a heart condition that isn't really treatable and can cause heart attacks; and the husband of one of my childhood friends died unexpectly in his mid-50s.

This is where I wonder if I shouldn't work less and spend more time with people. Given the declining funding for for education, that's easier said than done as we are being told to do more with less. Still, I know I need to achieve a better balance in my life.


  1. That will be beautiful knit up into that pattern!

    Wow, you got slammed with things otherwise. Take care.

  2. I am so glad to read that your nodule is gone. That is GREAT news. Will be sending good thoughts to your husband as he deals with this new challenge in his life. Thankfully, these days, hypertension is easily dealt with --- even though it may take a few tweaks to his medication. Hope they find the right med for him quickly.

  3. I am happy your nodule is gone! It was a tough week for you...Wish all the best to your family and friends! I know what you mean about education. I work in Mexico and the situation with public education is really bad here. I work in a private school which supports the financially challenged families. But there is no support from the government at all.

  4. Great book choice! I love pink but rarely knit with it...huh?
    My doc told me my BP was up and it was all weight related. I go back thursday for a bp check and weigh in. Fireman and I began weight watchers together. IT is not too hard to follow > I"llknow thursday if i'm on track

  5. Great news for you, but as you said sobering news about all the others. Life has a way of playing with us that way, you deserve the yarn and the wonderful book to celebrate your great news.

  6. so very very sorry about the challenging health issues....and i think you said it all----time for the things and people most important in your life. Balance. So hard. Living in the moment....even harder (for me!!!)

    Love all your pink....such a happy color! Must look into that book, although I find I hardly EVER turn to my books for inspiration any more. Really really need to change that!!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear of all the horrible health news that has been going on. Why does it take situations like these to remind us of the important things in life? Good on your for pointing it out and reminding me.

    BTW- love the fact that you have a passion for pink, as I do too. :)

  8. I'm glad your nodule disappeared! Sorry about your husband's diagnosis, will exercise help in any way? I think that is why I'm trying to be active, so I can dodge the health stuff.... Balance is always important and if you love what you do then that's good!