Friday, August 1, 2014

Sad When School Ends

I have never, NEVER been sad to have a class end before, but this morning I woke and wished I was going to meet up with my pals at the Greater Madison Writing Project. If you are a teacher, see if the National Writing Project has a program in your area because this is incredible. You won't find a learning experience this profound anywhere else. And you won't find a program that is more fun! BTW, the program reaches out to teachers in every area, K-college. The diversity is part of what makes it so awesome.
So, you're probably wondering what these photos are. One of the assignments asked us to share ourselves with our colleagues in a multi-genre presention. What is multi-genre? Well, it's hard to describe, so let's just say that it includes any mode of communication you can imagine, from poetry to personal ad, from essay to poster, etc.

I wrote an essay that told my biography in the form of a bibliography. Then I altered a book as a way to present it. The essay itself is cut into section and mounted on the cards, which fit into a niche that I cut.

If you haven't cut a niche in a book, you just haven't lived. At first it feels like a sacrilege, but once you get going, it is freeing.

All the artwork and lettering is hand-done by yours truly

I will always treasure this book because it captures the inspiration and spirit of the Writing Project. It reminded me of summer camp, where you forge deep friendships while learning new things. It was an adventure right here in Madison, with teachers from around the state. The philosophy of the program is that teachers have a lot of expertise and we are the best teachers for one another. I'm sold on that idea. The 16 other teacher-participants taught me so much.


  1. That is tremendous!!! You are an amazing artist!

  2. Awesome! What a creative idea. I wish we could see the little cards, too, but the cover art is amazing. I used to teach adult literacy, so really appreciated the reading quotes.
    You deserve an A++!

  3. What a terrific project! Very creative, artistic and a clever way to remember a special class experience.

  4. So glad you loved your class and your project is amazing, so creative and full of your gifted talent.

  5. how wonderful I admire you for taking the class. i love what you shared