Monday, August 11, 2014

Global Nomad Moves Along

I would love to be a global nomad, roaming the world, but I'll have to settle for knitting the Global Nomad Cowl.

This is one of three Helen Stewart patterns I'm planning to knit in the next few months. It was the main thing I worked on when Joni and I were vacationing last week. I have tons of gift knitting that I should be doing, but I felt like indulging I did!

It is a super easy pattern that would be perfect for a first lace project. Lately I've been doing mostly easy knitting. The class I took this summer was intense, and I think I just don't have enough brain power to take on something complex.

At the same time, I do miss challenging knitting, so -- also on vacation -- I started a pair of lace socks that call for a little more attention than this cowl.  But that's another post!

This is my last week of real "vacation," and I plan to spend it organizing and cleaning. It would be so nice to start the school year feeling that my house is under control!


  1. i personally think summer is the time for easy knitting! and that cowl looks great! (love the color, too!!!)
    enjoy this end of the summer 'vacation'....I should be cleaning and organizing, too....I'm seeing that a lot around blog-land (and feeling rather guilty that I'm not hopping on the bandwagon!)

  2. Self-indulgence is definitely permissible! I love how this is working up, what yarn is it?

  3. Sometimes you have to mix it up. - mindless knitting and challenging knitting. Do what feels right :) Gorgeous yarn for that cowl!

  4. Easy and Lace are always Hard for me so I'll check that one out

  5. The texture of your cowl looks really good! The color has such depth! Enjoy your knits and the rest of the holiday :)

  6. What a lovely color, that pattern seems perfect for it. I cannot wait to see how it turns out ! I also wish I could be a nomad, but alas that will probably never happen...

  7. The color you are using is gorgeous. Love the pattern, too.

  8. Your vacation looked really fun and relaxing (I hope it was) and enjoy the rest of it too - I'm all for easy knitting but sometimes you just can't beat the great satisfaction that comes from watching a tricky pattern come together