Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunshine On The Wrist

We need sunshine somewhere around here. Storms have continued to roll in, and last night a tree branch punched a hole in our roof. I guess that's convenient. We are having siding put on our house, so there was crew already scheduled to work on the roof today.

Here is the kind of sunshine I have control over:
I make a bracelet base using peyote stitch and then embellish it with glass and seed beads. The process is mostly zen, and I love picking the colors as I go along.

These aren't colors I'd be likely to wear, but I'm trying to make a variety of colors and sizes in order to sell these in a gallery. If only I were as good at marketing as I am at creating! (Not that I'm a brilliant artist or anything, but my marketing skills need some work!)


  1. That's a great bracelet! Very summery.

  2. Very VERY sunshine-y! I can just imagine the delicious chill of the beads on my wrist too! Love it!

    I think most crafters need marketing lessons ... or someone to help them out with it. Presentation can really sell a potential consumer on the value of a hand-made item!

  3. Fun bracelet in sunny colors! Learned that you and I are reading the same book, The Fault in Our Stars. What do you think of it?

  4. You are so creative. !!!! Love that summery bracelet

  5. Love the bracelet and the sunny colors. It would be such fun to wear.

  6. that really IS a sunshiney bracelet....very cute......but BUMMER about the roof. Such an inconvenience.