Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The Second Sock

Is it just me or does the second sock go faster than the first?

Actually, a lot of knitters complain about SSS -- Second Sock Syndrome -- which implies that they find the second one harder to push through.

At any rate, I'm already on the gusset of the second Hermione's Everyday Socks, and I'm looking forward to being done. This yarn (which I'll discuss in another post) is lovely but kind of boring. I'd like to try this pattern with a wilder yarn.

See what other knitters are knitting via Tami Amis.


  1. I suffer from SSS to such a great degree that I actually have to work the socks in pieces ... I start one, work to the heel flap, then put it on stitch holders and start the second one. I go back and forth like that ... it's ridiculous, but it works for me!

    I like your yarn. It looks fluffy and soft :)

  2. Your sock looks great! I hate the second sock! I have two sets of needles and split the yarn and work both at the same time. I think you will love variegated yarn it is fun watching the colors come together.