Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well the high temperature here today was 16 degrees Farenheit -- that's -9 Celcius. In other words, it was COLD! So it's a good think I finished these:

These are my second pair of Peekaboo Mitts, knit from the amazingly soft worsted produced by Three Irish Girls, right here in Wisconsin.

I have to apologize for the fuzziness of the second picture -- but, hey, when it is 16 degrees outside, you snap those photos pretty darn fast.

I wanted to include this photo to show you how luxuriously long these mitts are. They are so, so cozy. I just love them!

I actually like this weather, as long as the wind is mild. It is just so nice to curl up with a good book -- or some knitting -- when the air is so sharp. However, I've been trying to resist both of those activities for the most part because my house needs a good cleaning and de-cluttering. I usually do these in the summer, when I'm off school, but my broken leg interfered with last summer's cleaning. So I'm trying to make up for that now.


  1. 9 below?! that's cold!! the mitts look super cosy, and the rainbow yarn is very cheery

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  4. Awesome mitts. And what cheery colours in that yarn! Nope I wouldn't be dawdling outside in that weather either!

  5. -9!! It never gets that cold here! It rarely goes below 5c actually, and that's overnight! Brrrrrrrrrr!
    I like a long fingerless mitt too, much better and more practical than ones which stop at the knuckle.