Friday, November 8, 2013

FO Friday!

It has been a long time since I posted an FO, but here, at last, is the Turn a Square Hat.

Since none of my male relatives read my blog, I guess I can say that I'm churning these babies out like nobody's business because this they are all getting one for Hanukkah. Or Christmas. Between them, they celebrate in a variety of ways.

I've made four of these, but would like to knit a couple more. Or not. It would be fun to do something else! Still, I am happy with the way the hats turned out. The colors of the Noro really stand out against the solid stripes (Cascade 220). I knit the hat per the directions, except I did a longtail cast-on, which seems to be plenty stretchy. The pattern calls for a tubular cast-on, but I'm devoted to the longtail. It's always worked for me.

How are you doing on your holiday knitting?


  1. I love long tail, too, but I love a stretchier version of the long tail cast on even more:
    It has just one extra step than the long tail and really makes a difference on edges that can be too tight, like mitts or socks.

    Great-looking hat! I'm churning out a bunch of hats, too. Nice and quick!

  2. it's a great pattern, esp for guys - and making repeats is a good way to churn them out! I've never mastered any cast on other than the cable method, which doesn't suit everything, but that's what I know I guess. I'm always admiring other people's range of knowledge, but I'm a creature of habit too!