Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gift knitting

No selfish knitting for this girl!

There are so many things I want to knit for myself, but I decided a while ago that I was going to give knitted gifts to all the guys on my list. Hanukkah falls really early this year, so I don't really have time to change my mind.

So, hat number 1 is almost done:

It's  the Turn A Square Hat by the ever-popular Jared Flood, who blogs at Brooklyn Tweed.

It's a great pattern, fast but a truly lovely finished hat. I'm using the yarns he calls for: Cascade 220 for the solids and Noro Silk Garden for the stripes. Noro is SO expensive, so it's nice to use it as one yarn in a project. I think I can get at least two hats out of one skein of each yarn.

Am I the only one thinking of the holidays?


  1. I'm thinking about them, but have yet to start really knitting for them. So much to knit, so little time!

    1. I also meant to say, your hat is great. That's a perfect guy pattern.

  2. Nope! I've started *thinking* about it, but I'm lucky . . . the list is fairly short and I've already got a start.

    Your Cascade/Noro hat is really handsome. That's a lucky guy that will get to wear it. :-)

  3. Cute hat. Nope you're not the only one thinking of the holidays, but unless things lighten up it might be a store-bought year, this year. Too busy!